Different Wall Design Ideas

A blue and white bedroom with a guitar on the bed, featuring unique wall design.

When you are renovating your home or painting your walls, try something out of the blue. Create interesting walls. Here are some wall design ideas which are heating up the décor world. Try to paint your walls using these wall design ideas.

A blue and white bedroom with a guitar on the bed, featuring unique wall design.
Splatter paint!

Avoid using rollers or paint brushes. Try splashing the paint on the wall. It will be fun and creative to splatter paint. A good example can be of white ceiling. It creates an artistic effect without any fuss.

A wall design featuring a painting of a dog in blue and yellow.
Use graffiti art.

You can choose graffiti art on the wall as a wall design. This makes the wall look chic and it is perfect for a creative person’s living space. You can also choose smaller graffiti paintings that do not cover the whole wall but still can be a piece of eye-catching art. The best outcome can only be if you use bright colours and powerful images.

A room with a green wall design and two hanging lanterns.
DIY: stencil!

Stencils always make a wall look beautiful. Stencils offer a great way for wall design. Stencil wall design pattern is the easiest way to upgrade your wall. The best part is you do not have to use it in the entire room, you just have to focus on one accent wall and bring your room to life.

A dining room with a red wall design and a chandelier.
Use stencil to decorate wall of a formal room.

Stencils nowadays have become very trendy and elegant. You can now use them for a more formal room. Make sure that the stencil design matches the type of décor you have in that particular room. If you have a colourful and eclectic style then keep the stencil wall design to minimum, however a Victorian pattern would look lovely if the theme of the room is elegance.

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