Affordable Design Tips to Upgrade Your Living Room

A cozy living room with a fireplace.

It is true that the living room is the most beautiful and well-decorated room in a house. A lot of time and energy is spent designing and doing up the room. But seeing the same décor and style day in and day out can be boring. Yes, who doesn’t like a change?

But most of you refrain from renovating the living room because of the cost factor. Repainting the walls, changing the furnishing and redoing the floor tiles can be very expensive. But before you press the stop button, have a look at our five simple and cost-effective design tips for upgrading your living room.


The layout of the living room can be changed by rearranging the furniture. The furniture should always be rearranged around a focal point. In a living room, the TV unit is more likely to be the focal point. In that case, you can rearrange the furniture around the TV unit. Instead of a sofa, you can place armchairs opposite the TV unit and place the sofa towards one side.

Whichever way you arrange the furniture, make sure that you maintain the conversation area. The best way to arrange the furniture is in a U or L shape. This way your guests can see each other’s face and strike a conversation.

A living room with white furniture.


Gone are the days when walls were decorated with printed papers. Now there are a lot of options for decorating the empty walls. From wall art to wall stickers and gallery walls the possibilities are many.

If you have a large empty wall, then a gallery wall is the right option. You can change the size of the gallery depending on the size of the wall. For a medium and small sized wall, you can go for wall painting, wall art, and wall plates depending on the size.

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A spacious living room with a large painting on the wall.

If you have been following a monochromatic color scheme for your décor, you can change that. Go for wall décor of contrasting colors to bring in a vibrant look. Wall décor pieces are available in different budgets. Thus, you can go for one that best fits within your budget.


Changing the soft furnishing can bring about an instant change in your room. You can change the cushion, rugs, or throws depending on your budget.

If you have been using large cushions for your sofa, consider changing it too many small pillows. This way you can experiment with more colors. You can interchange printed cushion covers with plain ones for a more vibrant look. Another option is to color coordinate the cushion with the curtain.

If purchasing a new rug is expensive, then you can consider using the rug from the bedroom. Alternatively, you can also buy jute rug which is far cheaper than the woolen rug. But you should consider the weather condition in your area before changing the texture of the rug.

A black and grey sectional sofa set in a living room.


If you have not used indoor plants till now, you can consider buying a few. Indoor plants not only bring about a fresh and green feel to the indoor but also provides a renewed look.

If you have a large and spacious living room, then you can go for large plants like Norfolk Island pine, Kentia palm, and Croton. Another option is to go for hanging stands where you can plant small pots. Terrarium and bonsai are other options to bring about a fresh and new look to your living area.

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A cozy living room with a couch and plants.


Changing the accessories and its placing is another way to bring a change in the living room. If you have a floor lamp in one corner of the room, you can consider shifting it to another corner. Adding a less expensive chandelier can also bring about an instant change in the room.

A living room with white furniture and wicker furniture.

Upgrading a living room need not be an expensive affair. You can try one or more of the above décor tips depending on your budget.

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