Hollywood Regency Style – the Height of Glamour

A woman in a black dress posing in front of a hollywood regency wallpaper.

Hollywood Regency Style began on the sets of 1930s films.  The life depicted in the celluloid world appealed to those seeking a fantasy rich with glamour.  Owing to actor-turned-designer, William Haines, this style was adopted by Hollywood’s best and brightest stars.  Hollywood Regency style can be emulated today by blending a variety of styles to create a cohesive and luxurious look that speaks to a timeless era.

A woman sitting on a Hollywood regency chair.
A woman in a polka dot dress standing in front of a mirror with a Hollywood regency vibe.
A hollywood regency bedroom with black walls and gold accents.

Hollywood Regency style makes use of smaller scale furniture for the purpose of entertaining.  Furniture arrangements are made to encourage conversation.  Simple furniture with graceful curves, an abundance of mirrors, lacquered pieces, bamboo accents and Chinoiserie style combine for a dramatic room that echoes old Hollywood.

A living room with white furniture featuring a hollywood regency chandelier.
A blue dresser with a mirror in a hollywood regency style.
Hillary Thomas

In the bedroom, mirrored furniture and luxurious beds bestowed in satin, silk and velvet are customary.  Dressing tables fit for a movie star are a standard fixture in the Hollywood Regency bedroom.

A hollywood regency bedroom with a chandelier in white and gold.
An old photograph of a woman lounging on a Hollywood Regency-style bed.
A hollywood regency style bedroom with an upholstered bed and mirrors.
A Hollywood regency bathroom with a mirror and a chair.
A woman in a Hollywood regency white dress standing in front of a mirror.

Chaise lounges prevail.  Imagine satin-gowned movie heroines draped across these in dramatic style.  Whether in the living room or bedroom, the chaise is a perfect combination of drama and style.

A woman is reclining on a green couch in a Hollywood regency setting.
mlle miste
A woman in a hollywood regency white dress laying on a couch.
Architectural Digest

Hollywood Regency style is noted for bold colors and interesting objects, both antique and Art Deco with a good mix of Chinoiserie.  For truly authentic Hollywood style, invest in pieces of distinction that are one-of-a-kind and not mass produced.

A living room with blue velvet furniture and hollywood regency accents.
A hollywood regency living room with gold furniture and a chandelier.
Red chinese sideboard with gold accents in a hollywood regency style.

When decorating in Hollywood Regency style, incorporate chairs and tables that cater to seating guests for optimum conversational ease.  Accent the room with Chinoiserie, glossy lacquer and elaborate mirrors.  Incorporate neoclassical motifs, such as the Greek key design.  Sift through antique stores for unique finds to complete the look.

Designer Focus: Jacques Grange
A living room with hollywood regency couches and a fireplace.
A living room with hollywood regency inspired couches, chairs, and a fireplace.
Lee F. Mindel, Shelton Mindel & Associates via Architectural Digest
A room with yellow Hollywood Regency chairs and a fireplace.

For true Hollywood Regency style, take cues from designers Williams Haines and Dorothy Draper.  Haines is considered the father of Hollywood Regency style.  For modern interpretations of Hollywood Regency style study designer Kelly Wearstler, whose interiors are highly glamorous and eclectic.

A living room with a large oriental rug in a hollywood regency style.
Williams Haines, Designer
A black and white Hollywood regency living room with furniture and a mirror.
Dorothy Draper, Designer
A living room with glamorous Hollywood Regency style furniture in red and black.
Kelly Wearstler, Designer

To fully grasp Hollywood Regency style, one has to understand the blend of styles that creates an interior part glamorous, part simple and wholly eclectic.  Hollywood Regency style is simple lines, glamorous accents and a mix of styles that lets your inner star shine.

A woman in a white dress sitting on a Hollywood regency chair.


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