20 Quirky, Funky and Cool Rooms to Love

A living room with funky zebra print furniture and cool zebra rugs.

There are many styles of interior design and some would say there are rules that should be followed in order to create spaces that are successful from a design point of view.  Then there are rooms that throw all those rules away and blend color, quirky accents, pattern and disparate objects to create a cohesive and fun space.  Here are 20 quirky, funky and cool rooms to love.  These may not be rooms that you would design or live in, but they may be rooms you love for their bold take on interior design.

Classic architectural elements, a shimmering gold ceiling and wallpaper with luster combine with traditional seating and vividly patterned floor pillows for an exuberant and eclectic room.

A living room with colorful furniture and a fireplace that is quirky and funky.
Fun and quirky mixes with traditional architecture and furnishings (blog.vht)

For the hip urban dweller, this space incorporates creative and inspiring elements of art and repurposed functional shelving.

A living room with 20 quirky bicycles hanging from the ceiling.
Unique displays give this home fun appeal (dyingtotravel)

A bold contemporary painting is the focal point of this room, which is an update on traditional style.

A living room with a funky painting on the wall.
Colorful artwork gives this room a touch of character and whimsy (dailymail.co.uk)

A bold sofa is the centerpiece of this room.  Classic architectural elements blend with modern pieces and bright fabrics for a very fashion-forward style.

A funky purple couch in a cool living room.
Patterns mix to give this room a cool and quirky air (meddios)

The addition of colorful artwork and pops of turquoise give this room a very cool, modern vibe.

20 Quirky, Funky and Cool Living Room with couches and a fireplace.
Cool turquoise highlights this airy room (HGTV)

Bold color and patterns bring together a mish-mash of furniture pieces to create a lively, cohesive room.

A living room with funky and colorful furniture and a fireplace.
Fun and colorful accessories enliven this space (rilane)

Classic velvet sofas anchor this room of eclectic style.  Look closely…colors and patterns are repeated throughout to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing.

A living room with quirky and colorful couches and a funky rug.
Colorful and quirky room (studio87blog)

Modern, glossy pieces contrast with rough-hewn wood surfaces to create a very rustic modern space.  All of this is softened with the addition of the fur rug.

Emerald Green: For a Glamorous Home
A 20 Quirky living room with a fireplace.
Room with a cool, modern vibe (decoist)

Clean-cut lines and cool colors contribute to this room’s very appealing aesthetic.  A cow patterned fabric on the dinette chairs is a unique and quirky surprise.

A living room with quirky blue and white walls and a funky table and chairs.
Very cool space (decoist)

Colorful books and prints create interest in this simple room.  Patterned throw pillows and a striped blanket add dimension.

A living room with Funky bookshelves and a cool couch.
Color and pattern enliven this space (decordots)

Bold colors are the key to this room’s style.  A turquoise leather sofa is accompanied by vivid yellow stools that pop on a patterned rug.  This room is a blend of fun and modern elegance.

A funky blue couch in a cool living room.
Bright color and vivid pattern come alive in this room (healthandplant)

Organic shapes highlight this room with it’s bright white walls.  The fluid design of the rug is mimicked in the shape of the furnishings and the curved wall bookcase.  This space is light and airy.

A funky living room with a colorful rug.
Bright and airy with unique furnishings (luxury-home-design.blogspot)

This room is quirky and eclectic with bold bohemian upholstery.  The white wood floor anchors the space and tempers the bold colors.

A 20 Quirky living room with colorful furniture.
Quirky and bohemian interior (travelingmind2anywhre)

Classic architecture and furnishings blend with bright fabrics to give this room an eclectic and fun vibe.

A quirky living room with colorful furniture and bookshelves to love.
An explosion of color in this eclectic room (homeandgardeningtips)

Just a few pieces of brightly colored furniture is enough to give this room a bit of lively accent.

A living room with a funky green chair.
Bright furniture makes room pop (decoist)

With a background of white, this room’s brightly hued furnishings and rug simply vibrate with life.  White walls are the key to this color scheme not becoming overwhelming.

A funky living room with a fireplace.
Bright home interior (HGTV)

Photo canvases create a fun and joyful art focal point in this modern city residence.  A bold yellow sofa sings in this modern and hip interior.

A Funky living room with a lot of pictures on the wall.
Cool modern interior (home-designing)

A mix of geometric patterns mix in this room alongside a bright orange velvet sofa.  This room exudes a very carefree vibe.

A living room with a funky orange couch and a cool black and white chevron rug.
Cool vibrant interior (BHG)

Color blooms in this garden-inspired room.  The variety of colors are balanced with white walls and flooring, while the red curtain panels frame the window and sofa.

Lake Home Interiors
A living room with funky colorful pillows and a fireplace.
White is a great backdrop for bright colorful accents (thetreasurehunteruk.wordpress)

A fine example of modern living existing harmoniously with traditional architecture, this space exemplifies fun and quirky with a touch of elegance.

A living room with funky zebra print furniture and cool zebra rugs.
Fun and quirky interior (elenaeller)

Quirky, fun and cool.  These spaces are lively and enjoyable.  They appear to not follow any set rules of design, but they work.  Combining old and new, using color and pattern with abandon and mixing design styles gives these rooms character.


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