Eco-Friendly Ways To Redecorate Your Apartment

A woman's hand holding an eco-friendly plant on a white wall.

Nowadays, with the range of products available on the market, you can easily curate an environmentally friendly surrounding and do your part in saving the planet. 

This is important since the world is battling the negative consequences of climate change, with temperatures rising at an exponential rate and natural hazards occurring more often than anticipated. In this endeavor, by going green, you will be doing a massive favor to your planet and future generations alike. 

While you may have heard of the various ways to reduce your carbon footprint by changing your diet or by adopting environmentally sustainable daily habits, there are a number of ways for you to actively save the environment when decorating your home as well. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list for you to take inspiration and redecorate your apartment in the most eco-friendly way possible. 

Replace Painting Your Walls With Sustainable Options

A wall adorned with framed pictures and eco-friendly plants, perfect for a redecorating project.

One of the quickest ways to revamp your apartment is by sprucing up the walls to give it a new lease of life. 

While most people have a knee-jerk reaction towards painting their walls in order to kick-start their redecorating process, it is important to know that paints emit highly toxic chemicals known as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that have an adverse impact on air quality due to the formation of ozone. In fact, they have a host of health effects that include eye irritation, headaches, and damage to the nervous system. So in addition to being harmful to the planet, they are also harmful to you. 

One of the best ways to avoid this is by either using low VOC paint or completely swapping it for museum-quality wall art. You can make use of wall prints of all kinds, ranging from wooden prints to posters to tapestries; this will not only add character and panache to your apartment but also save you the trouble and effort of re-painting your walls while benefiting the environment. 

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Choose The Right Materials 

A eco-friendly desk decorated with a plant.

When redecorating, you may be tempted to purchase new items, such as a coffee table or a new sofa. During this process, it is important to be mindful of the material and textiles you choose to ensure that it has a minimal impact on the environment.

We suggest forgoing all synthetic materials when choosing rugs, bedding, or upholstery, and instead, opting for natural fibers such as jute or sisal for rugs, cotton or linen for bedding, and cotton or leather for sofas and other upholstery. These are great options since they are biodegradable and safe for the environment. You can even check for recycled fabric and other innovative options on the market when choosing textiles for your upholstery. 

Similarly, instead of utilizing plastic materials for utility furniture around the house, it is ideal to make use of alternative options such as wood, bamboo, stone, metal or glass. Not only will they last you longer than cheap plastic, they are also easier to maintain and are great for the environment. 

So if you are thinking of getting the floors re-done or swapping the kitchen tops, consider a sleek real wood finishing for the floor or a beautiful marble stone top for the kitchen. 

The goal is to stay away from chemically produced fabrics or materials that are bad for the environment. We also recommend perusing through the values and ethos of a company to ensure that they follow sustainable practices from start to finish so that you purchase from retailers that truly wish to positively contribute to the health of the planet. 

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Opt For Pre-Loved Items

An eco-friendly coat rack with coats and hats hanging on it, perfect for redecorating your space.

Pre-loved furniture has been around for ages. Be it at vintage stores or garage sales, you are bound to find some really special and sometimes quirky pieces that perfectly complement your surroundings. 

Make it a point to regularly pop into a vintage store rather than buying from large commercial enterprises. The whole point is to buy eco-friendly, sustainable, unique, and low-cost items that are one of a kind. 

You may even want to take up a DIY project if you find something great but wish for it to be used in a different manner. For example, if you spot a lovely frame, you can install a mirror and use it in your entryway. 

The best part about pre-loved items is the story that comes with them. They may be a great conversation topic with friends and family, all the while showcasing your commitment to saving the planet. 

Choose The Right Candles

Three eco-friendly jars with eucalyptus leaves on a white surface. 

All of us love a good signature scent in our house to uplift our senses and help us de-stress after a busy day. But did you know that those low-priced candles are extremely harmful to the environment? This is because they are made of paraffin wax, which is a by-product of oil refining activities. Similarly, the wicks of certain candles may contain harmful substances such as lead that may release toxic chemicals when burned. 

It is best to replace all your candles with those made of soy or beeswax, containing wicks made from recycled cotton, hemp, or paper fiber. These candles are made of natural or essential oils, which means that they are good for you and the environment. 

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So in order to adopt an eco-friendly redecoration process and overall lifestyle, always make sure you read the label carefully and choose wisely. 

Go Green 

A eco-friendly plant in a pink vase adds a pop of color to a white table.

Last but not least, adding plants to your space is a surefire way of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is because houseplants purify the air in your home by detoxifying the indoor air. Additionally, they are incredibly soothing and therapeutic, greatly helping to reduce stress levels and increasing overall productivity.

Having plants in your apartment will get rid of pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde, enhancing overall air quality. This is especially important owing to the increasing levels of air pollution from toxic waste being released into the atmosphere nowadays. 

Some indoor plants you can opt for include snake plants, cubicle plants which are sometimes known as pothos, bird’s nest fern, and philodendron green. 

Final Words

In the end, having an eco-friendly approach towards redecorating means being a conscious consumer and paying attention to the details. With our recommendations, you are definitely on the right path towards making a difference in your home for yourself and the environment. 

We wish you the best in the redecorating process! 

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