When Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Units

A man servicing an air conditioner in a room.

If you live in the hotter areas of the country you’ll appreciate the importance of having air conditioning. Although you probably enjoy the warmth of the sun, it can make you feel sleepy and will make it harder to undertake a variety of activities. This is particularly true if you’re considering physical activities.

Fortunately, air conditioning units allow you to regulate the temperature, encouraging you to get what needs to be done sorted.

Of course, you shouldn’t just turn your air conditioning on every year and assume it will work for you. It’s important that they are regularly serviced.

How Often Air Conditioning Should Be Serviced

Air conditioning needs to be serviced annually. Once a year is usually enough as this will ensure any issues are noted and dealt with. It’s a good idea to build a relationship with your local industrial air conditioning supplier through regular servicing. This will help to ensure you get the service you need when something does go wrong.

It should be noted that annual servicing reduces the likelihood of issues happening, they can still occur. 

When Is It Best To Service Them

Once you’ve decided to get your air conditioning serviced every year you’ll want to know when to have it done. In general, the best time to book it in is as soon as you’ve finished using it.

Many people leave servicing until just before they need them again. This can cause a backlog for the service company and make it difficult to get to you in time. 

Having the air conditioning serviced as soon as you’ve finished with it means you will jump this queue. You will also gain time to resolve any issues. This can include replacing expensive parts or, in extreme cases, the unit itself. By doing the service early you have time to sort the funds you need to have the air conditioning work next summer.

What A Service Involves

It is worth noting what is involved in a general air conditioning service. It can help you to monitor how well your unit is working.

Air Filter

The air filter needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the airflow is maximized. This will ensure your air conditioner is working efficiently.

Don’t forget, if you have allergies you can use specially designed filters to keep the allergens out of your home.

Condensor & Evaporator

This is the heart of your unit and the piece that is most expensive if it goes wrong. It’s important that the service person checks this is working properly. If it fails, you won’t have any cool air. 

Leak check

A visual check is usually enough to ensure there are no leaks. However, your air conditioning service will also check that the drains are clear. 

Coolant Level

The right coolant level is essential to the performance of your air conditioner. If the level has dropped it can be a sign of a leak or excessive heat, your service person will investigate further to find the issue and a solution.

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