Refresh Your Living Room with Florals

A living room with floral curtains.

Break free of the winter doldrums and infuse a little brightness into your living room with florals.  This year’s runway is overflowing with bright, fanciful prints that take you on a journey through the garden.  Extend this colorful trend into your home by incorporating floral fabrics and accessories to liven up your living room and bring the freshness of spring to your home.

A living room with white furniture.
A living room with a fireplace and florals.

Decorating with florals does not have to be a daunting task.  Using just one floral item, such as drapes, upholstery or even a rug, can give your living room a burst of color and pattern.  Choose a floral fabric that you love and have panels made for the windows.  Repeat the window fabric at least once in the room with throw pillows or an upholstered piece.

A living room with floral curtains and a table adorned with florals.
A living room with green floral curtains.

If you want to create a cozy room, use allover pattern by coordinating the wallpaper and fabrics.  This look can become quickly overdone, so be sure to keep accessories to a minimum and do include a balance of solids in the mix with throw pillows and other upholstered pieces.

A living room with floral decor.
A dining room with floral wallpaper.

Mix florals with stripes, plaids and smaller patterns for a cohesive look.  The key to mixing other patterns with florals is to keep the scales different and the colors the same.  If you choose a large scale floral print for the windows, pair it with a medium-to-small scale pattern print on furniture and pillows.  To create a balance of color throughout the room, choose smaller printed fabrics in the same colors that are in the floral.  Choosing the least dominant color in the floral is a great contrast.

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A living room with blue and green florals.
A living room with green and blue florals.
A living room with red and blue floral curtains.

Traditional spaces are not the only rooms that benefit from a bit of bloom.  There are also modern interpretations of florals that can be used in more contemporary or modern spaces.  If window dressings and floral upholstery is too much for your style aesthetic, you can bring in just a touch of floral with a modern mural or wall covering.

A living room with pink and blue walls featuring floral accents.
A living room with colorful floral furniture and a fireplace.

The long winter days don’t have to be dreary and bland.  Bring some spring into your home by decorating with floral fabrics, wall coverings and accessories.  A bright and fresh living room will carry you into the warmer months in style.


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