Sconce Lighting for Adding Sparkle to Your Interiors

A living room with two couches, a rug, and sconce lighting.

Lighting is a key element in designing a space.  Aside from its actual functionality, lighting can transform a room and set the right mood.  There is such a myriad of lighting styles and fixtures that you can find just the right ones for any room of your home.  One in particular that you may want to consider is the wall sconce.  Include sconce lighting for adding sparkle to your interiors.  Here we explore some of the many ways to use sconce lighting and how illuminating it can be.

A living room with sconce lighting.
Open space employs wall sconces for additional lighting (dezinde)

At the Fireplace

A pair of sconces flanking the fireplace is a classic lighting element that never goes out of style.  Not only do sconces highlight the mantelpiece, but they add a symmetrical element to what is most likely the focal point of the room.

A living room with white furniture and sconce lighting.
Beautiful fireplace is augmented with sconces (Zillow)
A living room with sconce lighting and a fireplace.
Fireplace is flanked by modern sconces (beeyoutifullife)
A living room with sconce lighting.
Sconces highlight the fireplace mantel (
A living room with white furniture and sconce lighting.
Sconces create a symmetrical accent in this room (designshuffle)

Dining Room

Instead of bright overhead lighting in the dining room, use wall sconces to augment good old-fashioned candlelight at the dinner table.

A dining room with a large table, chairs, and sconce lighting.
Wall sconces highlight this dining room (decoist)

A pair of wall sconces accent the pendant light in this dining room, a very classic and cohesive lighting layout.

A dining room with sconce lighting.
Beautiful lighting enhances this dining room (Houzz)

Sconces provide additional lighting over a buffet or serving area.

A dining room with orange chairs and green walls, featuring sconce lighting.
Decorative sconces flank the dining room window (17house)


The kitchen can always benefit from additional lighting.  Sconces add a stylish touch to areas in the kitchen that may need extra illumination.  Sconces can also be a nice decorative element in the kitchen.

A white kitchen with sconce lighting and a center island.
Sconce lighting is perfect for the kitchen (patahome)


The bathroom is where we see the majority of sconce lighting.  Many times, sconces are installed on either side of the mirror above the sink.  This provides a good balance of light in addition to any overhead fixtures.  Change the style of the lighting for an update or incorporate a unique design for something special.

Stylish Home Offices to Inspire
A bathroom with a large mirror and sconce lighting.
Classic sconces in the bathroom (livingandkitchen)
A modern bathroom with wooden cabinets, mirrors, and sconce lighting.
Bathroom is illuminated with sconces (homedit)


Often the hallway of the home is neglected, except for a pre-installed overhead light.  Dress up your hallway with pretty wall sconces.  Use them to highlight artwork as well.

A hallway with white walls and sconce lighting.
Unique wall sconces illuminate the hallway (certified-lighting)
A hallway with sconce lighting and framed pictures.
Sconces illuminate artwork in the hallway (Houzz)
A hallway with sconce lighting and a mirror.
Decorative sconces add style to the hallway (drawhome)


Sconces are the perfect lighting solution for a smaller bedroom.  By having lights on the walls, you save space on the bedside tables where lamps are usually placed.  Installed at just the right height on either side of the headboard, sconces provide the perfect illumination for reading in bed.

A bedroom with white bed and blue walls featuring sconce lighting.
Sconces save space in the bedroom (dezinde)


The versatility of sconce lighting lends itself to a variety of applications.  The theater room is given added illumination and atmosphere.

A living room with sconce lighting and couches.
Sconce lighting is a great functional style enhancement for the media room (livingandkitchen)

Sconce lights above the sofa provide great task lighting while saving space and giving extra attention to artwork.

A living room with a white couch, framed pictures, and sconce lighting.
Sconces are perfect for the small living area (oduow)

Wall niches are an ideal spot for installing wall sconces to highlight and illuminate the space.

A kitchen with a large island and sconce lighting.
A wall niche is enhanced with sconces (patahome)

Sconce lights add a nice touch to the entryway of the home.  They are a great choice for leaving a light on in the entryway when you are expecting someone.

A room with a zebra print dresser and chairs featuring sconce lighting.
An entryway gets uplifted with a wall sconce (decoist)

Unique Sconce Lighting Styles

With so many styles available, sconce lighting can fit into any aesthetic.  Try something truly unique to add sparkle to your home.

A gold sconce with spiked lighting.
Unique sconce (Traditional Home; Strada sconce designed by Kelly Wearstler)
A contemporary sconce lighting with a geometric design.
A Niamh Barry designed sconce (linkedin)
Crystal wall sconce with a geometric design that provides sconce lighting.
Kinkeldey Diamond Crystal sconce (Pinterest)
A gold-framed sconce light.
A Kinkeldey wall sconce (1stdibs)
Two sconces on a wall providing lighting next to a picture.
Classically stylish sconces (capitallightingfixture)
Five sconce lighting fixtures hanging on a brick wall.
Unique modern sconce fixtures (savelights)
A table with a sconce lighting.
Unique wall sconce for the stylish home (minimalisti)
A gold wall sconce with a white shade.
Delicate sconce light, perfect for a reading corner or at bedside (aliexpress)

Sconce lighting is a great way to add stylish sparkle to your home.  It is functional and appealing in any space.


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