Fascinating pop art ideas for inspiring your interior home decor

A bed with colorful pillows featuring pop art and two paintings on the wall.

The expression “Pop art” is the abbreviation of “popular art”, an artistic moviment  born in the innovative and provocative 60s. The American artist Andy Warhol, as well as Roy Lichtenstein were two leading figures in this  artistic and cultural movement. The pop art, born as an expression of freedom in all different artistic aspects, has strongly influenced the interior decorating ideas and has created this innovative decor style. The interior decor, ispired by the pop art style, looks unique, unusual, extraordinary, colorful, bold and with a keen sense of humor.

A vibrant living room filled with pop art decor and colorful furniture.
interior design ideas in pop-art style

The pop art style is very famous among designers, young and creative artists, as well as among bohemien people. In the pop art style, there is a deep connection among art, celebrity world,  mass media culture, comic books and advertisement. But, which are the main characteristics of this decorating style and how We can decorate our home in pop art style? First of all, the home decor in pop art style, is characterised by bright, vivid and powerful colors, matched, combined and mixed with monochromatic black and white elements.

A black couch surrounded by pop art in a living room.
the use of vivid colors, such as yellow, green and purple, mixed with white and black is typical of the pop art decor

Other typical aspects of the Interior decorating in pop art style, are the use of pics of celebs, such as Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy

Pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe painted on the wall of a bedroom.
Marylin Monroe picture is one of the symbols of Pop Art
A bedroom with a pop art painting on the wall.
modern bedroom with the picture of Jacqueline Kennedy in pop art style

The use of famous paintings such as “La Gioconda” by Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa pop art framed.
“La Gioconda” painting in pop-art style

Or the use of  famous comics or cartoons.

A colorful pop art mural featuring a woman's face.
amazing and colorful sofa with a giant pop-art comic panel on the wall
A pop art photo of a comic book wall mural.
the use of comics and cartoons is typical of the pop-art home decoration

Very important are also the optical illusions and the use of  bright lamps and neon or LED lights that create a modern, unusual, dynamic and sometimes kitschy effect.

Open Bathroom Concept for Master Bedrooms
A pop art living room with orange couches and chairs.
bold, energic and funny open space with pop art furnitures and neon lights
A pop art-inspired living room with a painting on the wall.
Eclectic and colorful Living Room with pop Art elements and LED lights
Pop art-inspired Marilyn Monroe living room.
colorful LED and Neon lights are typical of pop-art

The modern interior decorating in pop art style, is based on the utilization of various decorating materials, especially plastic surfaces, latex, laminates, plexiglass and acrylics.  The furnitures and decor items in pop art style are perfect for every room, from the bedrooms..

A pop art-inspired black and red bedroom with a Marilyn Monroe mural.
stunning bedroom in pop-art style
A pop art-inspired bedroom with orange walls and a white bed.
the reproduction of the same photo with different chromatic effects is typical of the pop art decor
Audrey Hepburn pop art wall decal.
fantastic pop-art bedroom with an iconic picture of Audrey Hepburn
A pop art-inspired bedroom with Marilyn Monroe painted on the wall.
amazing bedroom with Maryl Monroe picture in pop-art style

..To the bathrooms

A bathroom with a colorful pop art mural on the wall.
amazing modern bathroom with pop art elements
A yellow bathroom with a pop art painting of a woman.
bathroom with a giant pop-art picture on the wall

From the living rooms…

Marilyn Monroe pop art in a hallway with a staircase.
Colorful Living Room in pop art style
A white bedroom with a pop art painting on the wall.
modern living room with pop art details
A dining room with a pop art comic book mural on the wall.
dining room in pop art style
A pop art-inspired living room with a brick wall.
Cozy and colorful pop-art living room
A pop art painting of a woman with a red chair.
simple living room in pop art style
A living room with a pop art painting.
stunning living room with pop-art panel on the wall

To the kitchens..

A kitchen with red cabinets and stainless steel appliances inspired by pop art.
modern kitchen with a touch of pop art style

From the hallways…

A vibrant pink and yellow room featuring pop art posters on the wall.
stunning hallway in pop art style, with giant comic pictures and with walls painted in vivid and powerful pink
A hallway with a vibrant pop art painting.
hallway in pop-art style
A hallway featuring a pop art painting of a girl with hair.
the pop-art uses photos and pictures of cartoons and comics

To the furnitures..

Marilyn Monroe pop art cabinet.
amazing furniture in pop art style with the typical picture of Marylin Monroe
A white and yellow chair with a pop art upholstered seat.
funny chair in pop-art style
Three pop art marilyn monroe chairs in a kitchen.
sofas, chairs, rugs and lampshades can all be made in pop-art style
A pop art-inspired table featuring a woman in a bikini painting.
table with cartoon pics in pop-art style
A pop art painting of a woman wearing sunglasses.
stylish pop-art couch

So, it’s time to give a new, trendy, emotional and expressive look  to your home with pop art  decor.

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