Backyard Fire Pits That Heat Up Your Landscape

A backyard featuring a fire pit seating area.

Outdoor fire pits are a great way to add ambiance and warmth to your backyard.  They can last for many seasons, playing a large role in your backyard décor and entertaining.  There are pre-made portable fire pits and those that are custom designed for your landscape.  For the do-it-yourselfer, the fire pit is a relatively easy weekend project.  Backyard fire pits add style and are a great feature to your outdoor space.  Here are backyard fire pits that heat up your landscape.

A fire pit heating up a backyard landscape.
Backyard fire pit (carole.sharpless)

A flagstone area surrounds this rock-enclosed fire pit for an appealing natural setting.  Cozy up to the fire with Adirondack chairs.  This style of fire pit fits seamlessly into the natural environment.

Rock enclosed fire pit (diycozyhome)

Create a special area with benches for a raised fire pit enclosure.  This can be a focal point of the backyard.

A backyard patio featuring a fire pit and potted plants.
Stone-faced fire pit (concretenetwork)
A fire pit heating up a grassy landscape.
Stone work fire pit (decoist)

Multi-level areas in this backyard create a cozy spot for a fire pit.

Backyard Oasis featuring a Fire Pit and Chairs.
Backyard area with fire pit (HGTV)

The fire pit as an extension to the outdoor grilling area works great for entertaining.

A backyard with a fire pit.
Cozy backyard fire pit space (super-myteamtel)

Wood-burning fire pits are a simple and economical way to include this feature into your landscaping.

A backyard patio with a fire pit that heats up your landscape.
Square stone fire pit (allsiteslike)

Gas-fueled fire pits are easily maintained and offer instant warmth and aesthetics for the backyard.  A poolside fire pit is a beautiful feature.

A poolside fire pit.
Fire pit bordering swimming pool (house-ewoodys)

Consider safety when installing a backyard fire pit.  Keep it away from low hanging branches.  Make sure portable fire pits are stable and will not be knocked over.  Install flagstone paths or gravel areas surrounding the fire pit for maximum safety and keep a water source handy just in case.

A fire pit in a backyard.
Box fire pit (madebymood)
A modern backyard with a fire pit that heats up your landscape.
Fire pit with stone surround (outdoor-dragonhousebook)
An outdoor living area with a fire pit that heats up your landscape.
Fire pit seating area (sanchezlandscapes)

Fire pits are available in various styles to suit any backyard aesthetic, from rustic to contemporary and every style in between.  Select a style that fits your outdoor lifestyle and adds to the overall design of your backyard.

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A fire pit on a deck with wicker furniture that heats up your backyard landscape.
Inviting backyard fire pit (beeyoutifullife)
A backyard rooftop patio with purple couches and a fire pit that heats up your landscape.
Roof top fire pit (homedit)

A unique curved design complements a hot tub or swimming pool edge.

A backyard patio with a fire pit.
Beautiful curved fire pit (HGTV)

A table style fire pit is a multi-purpose element for the backyard patio.  When not in use, it can double as a table.

A backyard fire pit heating up a patio landscape.
Raised fire pit (prweb)
A backyard patio with a fire pit.
Cozy fire pit (jhre-wildeastbistro)

A tile-trimmed fire pit looks perfect for this luxury seating spot.

Backyard fire pit.
Ceramic tile enhances this fire pit design (gogogive)

Use colored glass in your fire pit as an alternative to lava rock.  It is designed to withstand high temperatures and looks amazing.

A fire pit with blue glass heating up a backyard landscape.
Gas fire pit (gaslight-firepit)

Portable fire pits are a great alternative for tight outdoor spaces or for those who simply wish to have the option to move the fire pit about the yard.

Backyard fire pit next to pool.
Beautiful fire pit design (HGTV)
A backyard patio with wicker furniture and a fire pit.
Bowl fire pit (madebymood)

There are so many options available for backyard fire pits, you can easily find one that fits your needs and landscaping design.

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Unique gas fire pit (allbackyardfun)
A fire pit heating up a backyard patio.
Portable fire pit (super-myteamteal)
A fire pit with chairs that heats up your backyard landscape.
Metal silhouette fire pit (wvayc)
Keywords used: Backyard, Fire Pit

Description: A backyard fire pit.
Beautifully landscaped fire pit area (HGTV)
A fire pit in a backyard.
Metal cage fire pit (supe-myteamteal)

Enjoy the ambiance, style and heat of a backyard fire pit.  When landscaping your yard, consider installing a fire pit.  They make a great feature for entertaining or for just enjoying an evening in the backyard in every season.


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