The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Camping

The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Camping features two tents set up in front of a house.

Spring is almost here and great weather and warm nights are approaching. In that great weather, everyone who loves nature probably wants to get the gear and head out for some camping, but not everyone gets the chance. Luckily, you can camp in your backyard for very little and have some fun with your family and friends, if you wish. You don’t need much, just some gear and a good mood. So let’s see how to make a cozy backyard camping site quick. 

Cozy Lights

Even though you are right outside your home, you will want to set up some cozy lights for your campsite. You probably already have some lights in the yard, but to make it even cozier for your camping you can set up a few lanterns around. Also, consider a few flashlights, just to make your kids feel safer and better about spending the night outside. 

Light the Fire

A camp is not a camp without some campfire for roasting S’mores and sharing campfire stories. You can build your own campfire, but you have to be careful to make it contained and safe for everyone around your house. However, if you don’t want to risk it, you can always invest a bit into attractive table-top firepits and use them as a campfire. They are safe, they look great and you can reuse them for other backyard gatherings and enjoy late night talks.  

Think about Sleeping Arrangements

Since you probably want to spend the night outside, you should make sure everyone is cozy and warm enough. The best way to go is with sleeping bags for everyone. They are comfy, cozy and they will keep the whole family warm. 

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Another solution is setting up a tent and combining it with sleeping bags. There is a wide variety of tents available and if you don’t already have one you can find cheaper models that are bigger and perfect for backyard camping. Then, arrange sleeping bags inside and make it cozy. Also, you can set up an air mattress or a regular one in the tent to provide everyone with a feeling of sleeping in bed. Additionally, you can go a step further and set up a tent vestibule and make sure all of your things are safe and protected in case of any unexpected rains during the night. 

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Even though the kitchen is just a few feet away, you will want to bring some snacks for everyone in order to provide a full camping feel. You can go for the classics, such as S’mores which you can roast on the fire. Also, don’t forget the graham crackers to make the sandwiches with toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. Both you and your kids will certainly enjoy it. Another option is preparing some healthy sandwiches for your kids that they can munch on whenever they want and don’t forget a few fruits. Plus, some sodas and juices will come in handy, while a few beers will be perfect for the adults.

Camping is a lot of fun, but not everyone gets the chance to go out in the woods in order to enjoy nature. Luckily, your backyard is perfect for such events and you don’t even have to walk long miles to find the perfect spot and drag all that gear. Set up a tent, get cozy, light the fire, play some games, and make sure to make it a rule to stay outside for the whole day. Everyone is bound to have fun, you will get to breathe in some fresh air and teach your kids a thing or two about camping.

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