6 Hanging Garden Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


Nothing brings real life to a home than a greenery scene with lively, colorful flowers.

Flora connects you to nature, that’s why gardens mean a lot to humans.

Besides natural splendor and connection to nature, orchards can offer you extra benefits such as easy access to produce, fresh air, a cool environment during summer, privacy, and so on.

A Modern Vertical Wall Garden

Hanging plants is one way to go about your home garden project. You’ll mainly fall in love with the wide range of design options, and functionality it can add to your space.

Instances When a Hanging Garden Can Suffice

A Modern Vertical Garden Design

Homeowners face many challenges when installing home gardens. You have to work with the little space you have (or fill a large empty area), stick to a budget, satisfy your needs, and get more output from little input.

Well, here are the instances when a hanging garden is a good idea.

  1. Going up is your only option: use a vertical garden when space is limited, and you can only build upwards.
  2. You need to create a private outdoor room: lush hanging gardens can act as a barrier and form a private area.
  3. Your budget is tight: Most hanging orchard ideas DIY, you won’t need to break the bank.
  4. You need to engage an idle balcony: Sling plants on an unused balcony to turn it into a natural meditation area.
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Hanging garden ideas are also a unique economical way to decorate your outdoor space. Your options are unlimited one can go as far as their imagination travels, as you are about to witness.

Unique Ideas for a Hanging Garden


Hanging garden ideas can range from simple DIY makeovers to complex projects that you may need help or a budget to execute.

You can also choose to go minimalist if you don’t like the idea of hanging objects in your space. Or go crazy with this style if you’ve fallen for it.

In a nutshell, anyone can implement this idea as long as they have a passion for plants. Check out our unique ideas to get you thinking.

1. Hanging Houseplant pots on a metallic tree

If you love blending Human-made with Mother Nature, then this style will work for you. You can’t plant a tree at the spot you want your garden, but you can create one and attach plant pots with natural flowers and herbs.

This kind of twist looks appealing to the eye and can look even better if the metallic tree is built into the wall and vases made to pop out.

2. Unplugged plants Hanging from the Cylinder

You may think Fedor van der Valk is crazy. Still, his idea of an unplugged plant hanging from a cylinder (with exposed roots) is undoubtedly a game-changer in design.

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On the flip side, you realize it is based on a simple principle and idea; that your plants don’t need the whole ground or earth to survive and thrive (sometimes they even grow without soil).

But the guy—Fedor van der Valk— is indeed a design-weirdo. In one of his (own) photos, he has replaced his head with string plants as a representation of this unplugged plant design.

And you can be creative with the same idea in many ways. Why not add portraits of people and replace their heads with flowers to continue Fedor’s unique hanging garden ideas?

3. Upside down Garden

Turning your plants upside down is another daring style in design. But as we’ve learned from the unplugged plant garden, nothing is impossible if you’re willing to try.

Mull over your options and invite a home garden expert if you choose this approach.

4. Garden on a bare brick wall 

Garden on a bare brick wall 

Cylinder Garden on a bare brick wall 

Blue cyliner Garden on a bare brick wall 

You can never go wrong with creative plant pots hanging on an exposed brick wall background.

Use a contrasting color for your pots like blue, purple, or pink so that your garden stands out from a distance.

5. Customize a Bulb post into a hanging garden

Customize a Bucket post into a hanging garden

Customize your flipflops post into a hanging garden

The freestanding posts that hold your outdoor lighting could the perfect place to build your hanging garden.

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You can also install new flower posts and hang plant boxes for a better look.

6. Hang plants on your staircase rails

Hang plants on your staircase rails

Hang plants on your staircase rails

Last on our list of hanging garden ideas is the staircase garden. You can achieve this simple DIY style by slinging plant pots on your staircase rails.

If you choose this approach, implement wisely to avoid compromising the function of the rail as an aid for navigating stairs.




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