The Repurposed Garden

A garden bicycle.

If you want to spruce up your garden, add character and style to your plantings, repurposed items can do the job.  Old chairs, doors, windows, bathtubs, furniture and various other household items can serve a purpose in your garden.

A wheelbarrow filled with flowers in a garden.
Oregano plants in a garden.

Before you throw out that old broken chair or your child’s bicycle that’s rusting away, think about other uses.  Not only is it environmentally savvy, but repurposing items can provide extra planting options and enhance the garden.

A garden with a fountain surrounded by flowers.
A garden filled with flowers.

Repurpose an old bathtub as a planter or even a garden seat.  If your yard lacks the rich soil necessary to grow a successful garden, an old bathtub serves the purpose well.  It is large enough to provide enough room for a pretty flower bed or even a small vegetable garden.

A sidewalk garden with a bathtub filled with flowers.
Two colorful bath tubs sitting in a garden.

Repurpose old chairs as decorative pot holders.  Simply cut out the seat and fit a planter into it.  Line up various smaller chairs on a fence for an added touch of whimsy in the garden.

A birdhouse in a garden with flowers and a purple chair.
A red chair in a garden.

Old bicycles make great garden sculpture or they can serve a purpose as support for the vegetable garden.  Use baskets tied or mounted to the bicycle to hold flowering plants.

An old rusty bicycle sits next to a tree in the garden.
A garden-inspired bicycle with baskets of flowers in front of a house.
A bunch of bicycles stacked on top of each other in a garden.

Salvaged doors can be used to create garden structures such as pergolas and archways.  They can be used as accents in a cottage garden to add character and substance.  Old windows can be hung on a fence as accents or used as support for small planters.  Other architectural salvage can be used to great effect for accents in the garden.

A pink door adorned with a flower pot in a garden.
A garden door with a flower pot on it.
Two window boxes hanging on the side of a house with flowers in them create a garden display.

Household items, such as bottles, pitchers, dishes and even dresser drawers, can be used to spruce up a garden and add a personal touch.  Get creative and find different uses for these everyday items.  Use pitchers and colanders as planters and repurpose old dishes and bottles for decorative accents.

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A garden with plants.
Pansies hanging from a metal garden colander.
A garden jug filled with plants.
Three glass dragonflies decorating a garden fence.
A sink in a garden.

Old pianos make a wonderful fountain for the garden.  Tires painted in pretty colors can be used as planters.  Old ladders have multiple uses in the garden, such as the bird house stands below.

A garden with a piano and a fountain.
A waterfall garden featuring a piano.
A colorful garden bed made out of old tires.
Three red ladders with birdhouses in a garden.

It only takes a bit of creative flair to bring your garden out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.  Repurposed items for the garden add a personal touch to your outdoor space, as well as provide functional support.  Take a look around your garage and attic.  Look for those buried treasures for your garden and start creating today.


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