7 Steps To A DIY Staircase Garden For Your Patio


Have you ever considered making your own staircase for your patio? It’s not as difficult as you think; especially if you get a little help and inspiration from the professionals.

Take a look at this link to see what is possible in the world of staircase design!

Adding a patio and a staircase is a great way to increase the value and practicality of your home. All you need to do is follow these 7 simple steps and you’ll be more than happy with the results.

Step 1 – Choose The Material

Outside stairs need to be built to last in all sorts of weather. This means you need to choose an appropriate material.

Wood, stone and metal are the most obvious choices.

Metal is generally the hardest to work with; you’ll need to get a professional to create the stairs for you. Then all you need to do is fit them according to the guidelines.

Stone can look fantastic but you will need to build a solid structure for the base of the stairs. This can make it very difficult to get enough height for many raised patios.

The best option is generally wood.

Step 2 – get Your Tools

One you’ve decided on the material you need to get some tools together. Assuming you’re using wood these will include:

  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Saw
  • Electric screwdriver with drill bits
  • Sandpaper
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Step 3 – Create the Design

You need to know how much space you have for your patio stairs and how high the stairs need to go. This is important as it will provide you with the depth of your treads and the height of your risers.

If possible you should draw the design to scale. This will help you to locate any issues and correct them before you start actually creating your stairs.

Ideally it is also a good idea to break you design down into all the different sections. This will help to ensure you have got everything in the right place and order.

Step 4 – Start Cutting

You have a choice at this stage. You can buy a stair support like above in the size that you need. This is the easiest way!

Or you can build this part yourself.

There are two ways of doing this.

  1. From One Block

You’ll need a piece of wood as tall as your top tread and as wide as all the stairs. You can then measure the tread for each step and the riser; drawing them onto the wood as you go.

Carefully cut them out to create the same shape as the picture above; except that you’ve done it yourself.

  1. Individually
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The alternative is to place a long piece of wood at the bottom and attach pieces to it.

The long piece covers the entire depth of the stairs and is the height of the first riser. You then add pieces to make the subsequent risers. It creates a solid side panel for the stairs.

Don’t forget whichever method you use you’ll need two of them!

Step 5 – Mounting The Stairs

If you’re using wood you should be able to screw through the top riser directly into the patio. Of course if the patio is paved you’ll need raw plugs to ensure it stays secure.

If your patio is wood then the screws should go straight in.

Once you’ve fasten the top you’ll need to secure the bottom. Hopefully your ground is level as this will prevent having to make adjustments.

It is best to use an ‘L’ bracket to secure the base of these panels to the ground.

Step 6 – Add The Treads

This is a nice easy step!

The treads should all be the same size. You can cut them yourself from another piece of wood. Cut as many as you need and sand the edges to ensure they are smooth.

Then place the tread onto your stair frame and drill a hole through the stair into the frame. It is best to countersink the hole.

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You can then put your screws into place and your stairs will be securely fastened.

If you like you can even step back to admire your work, although using a spirit level to check they are level is also a good idea!

Step 7 – Coat It

Wood generally lasts better outside if it is coated with varnish or a good wood paint. Choose the color you want your stairs to be and then paint or varnish them accordingly.

Make sure you follow the guidelines on your tin; particularly regarding giving it a second coat. It’s worth the extra effort today!

Now you can step back and admire; once they’ve dried you can even test them out!


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