Storage and Design Tips for a Craft Room

A room with a white table and stools featuring design tips for storage in a craft room.

Interest in crafting has grown significantly over the last few years, with more and more people practicing various forms of arts and crafts.  Whether you are a quilter, scrapbook artist or dabble in altered art and mixed media collages, you need a space to work and workable storage options.  Here are craft rooms that will inspire you and storage solutions that will help make your workspace flow.

Design tips for a craft room with storage and chairs.
A dedicated craft room (slimpro-co)
Craft room with storage for craft supplies on the wall.
Creative storage for crafting supplies (classicchichome.blogspot)
A white desk with storage and design tips for a craft room.
Bins and cubbies provide ample storage of crafting supplies (cnbhomes)
A kitchen with blue walls and stools.
A modern crafting room with ample storage options (vizimac)

Carving out a space for your craft may seem a daunting task, but if the desire to create is strong you will find a way.  A spare room is, of course, the optimum space for crafting.  However, not everyone has this option.  You can create a space in a laundry room, a closet or in a corner of a larger room.  A spot in the garage is also a great possibility.

A room with a desk and storage options.
A closet turned craft center (Pinterest)
A home office with a desk, chair and filing cabinet offering storage solutions and design tips.
A corner of the garage for a craft space (leafytreetopsot.blogspot)
Design Tips: A home office with storage and shelves.
A tidy crafting corner (gujingshilou)
A kitchen with a large window overlooking the water - Design tips
A light-filled crafting room with ample storage (Homedit)

No matter where you have the space to create, organization is a key factor for most.  Hobbies such as quilting, scrapbooking and altered/mixed media art require an abundance of supplies.  To keep your mind on the craft, having ample storage for these items is a necessity.  You can buy ready-made storage containers or create your own from recycled items found around the house and at flea markets.

A craft room with ample storage for craft supplies and creative design tips.
Plastic storage bins are readily available in stores (flowerali.blogspot)
A purple peg board with craft supplies on it, providing storage and design inspiration for a craft room.
Pegboards are a perfect supply storage option (thesoutherncouture)
Storage stand with jars on top for a craft room.
Everyday household objects, such as this tray, serve as craft supply storage (Pinterest)
Mason jars provide both storage and design tips for a craft room when hung on a wall.
Glass jars are indispensable for craft storage (Pinterest)
A desk with an abundance of craft supplies on it for storage and design tips in a craft room.
Regular household objects offer crafting storage solutions homeremediesrx)

Shelving is the ideal solution for many storage dilemmas.  Shelving is versatile and can be custom-built to fit any area.  Once the shelving is in place, containers such as baskets, decorative boxes, jars and other household objects can be used to sort items.

A craft room with ample storage and clever design tips for an organized workspace.
Shelving is a versatile solution to craft storage (Pinterest)
A craft room with ample storage space.
Shelving and cabinets for craft supply storage (Pinterest)
Craft room storage and design tips for a craft room with a lot of craft supplies.
Adjustable shelves are a great solution for crafting storage (Pinterest)

Don’t forget the closet for storage of crafting supplies.  Closet doors can double as ribbon holders and shoe racks can serve as supply holders.  An unused closet (yes, a rarity!) can be refitted with shelving for additional craft storage.

SCEC Endorsed Locksmith? What Is That?
A storage closet with a lot of items in it.
Closet storage for crafting supplies (BHG)
Design tips for a craft room with spools of thread hanging on a blue door.
Spool storage on the closet door (househoney)
Storage tips for a craft room with a hanging organizer.
A shoe bag is a good option for craft supplies (BHG)

As for furniture and workspace, a kitchen island can be made into a craft table.  A kitchen island that has shelving and drawers underneath is a perfect work surface for limited space.  A desk provides a workable surface and can provide extra storage as well.

A woman is working on a craft table in a room with storage and design tips for a craft room.
A kitchen island makes a great crafting center (HGTV)
A home office with storage and design tips for a craft room.
A crafting center (Pinterest)
A home office with a checkered floor featuring design tips for storage.
A desk can be used for a crafting center (BHG)
A brightly colored craft room with a desk and chair, featuring storage and design tips.
A desk offers additional storage for crafts (BHG)
Design Tips: An organized dresser in a craft room offers storage for colorful umbrellas.
Desk drawers can hold color-coded fabrics (HGTV)

With the desire to create and a bit of elbow grease, you can have a nice organized space dedicated to your crafting projects.  Scrapbooking, quilting, collage, mixed media or paper wrapping….enjoy your hobby in style.


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