Feather Your Nest

Pheasant feathers decoratively arranged in a vase, adding a touch of natural elegance to your nest-like table setting.

Feathers are a trend taking flight across the fashion and interior design industries.  They are seen on walls, floors, trims, fabrics and even lighting.  The feather motif is turning up on home accessories in unique ways.  Here are some ideas for decorating with the fashionable feather motif.

Peacock feather duvet cover perfect for feathering your nest.
Peacock feathers adorn this bedding (Rachel Taylor, Houzz)
A mantle adorned with a majestic white feather.
Feathery wall hangings add texture and interest (livingimpressive)
Two chairs in front of a peacock feather wallpaper.
Beautiful wallpaper with peacock feather motif (designyourwall)
Modern feather decals (Houzz)

Incorporate feathers into your rooms with textiles.  Upholstery, window treatments, rugs and pillows can capture the whimsy and beauty of feathers.

Feathered chair: Feather Your Nest.
Feather upholstery adds glamour (thetrendboutique.co.uk)
Feather Your Nest with a Peacock feathers shower curtain.
Peacock feather shower curtain (alpenio)
Two feather pillows adorned with green and white flowers, perfect for feathering your nest.
Feather motif pillows (remodelaholic)
Feather Your Nest with a cushion.
Add some frills with feather pillows (jaysonhome)

Envelop a room in feathers with luxurious wallpaper and modern decals.  Add texture and dimension with wall hangings.

A bedroom with a blue and green wallpaper designed to Feather Your Nest.
Beautiful feather motif wallpaper (aliexpress)
A dresser with peacock wallpaper, feather.
Peacock feather wallpaper is stunning in teal (Houzz)
A feathered bedroom.
Feather wall decals stand out (wanelo)
Bright feather wall hangings add texture and dimension (lushome)
A blue and white wallpaper featuring a bench.
The feathers are flying on this wallpaper (decorationtrend)
A wall decal with birds flying in the air.
Feather decals (artfire)

Use feathers in displays and add them to flower arrangements.

Pheasant feathers decoratively arranged in a vase, adding a touch of natural elegance to your nest-like table setting.
Feathers make great accents (Pottery Barn)
Thanksgiving table centerpiece ideas to feather your nest.
Add feathers to floral and natural arrangements (vivalavintageforyourhome.wordpress)
A glass cloche adorned with feathers.
Place feathers in glass jars and domes for natural displays (krossmyra.blogspot.no via Pinterest)

Use feathers as accents for table settings.

A black and white place setting with feathers, silverware, and a feather your nest theme.
Feather placemats add a touch of the unexpected (blog.decoratorsbest)
A feather-shaped peacock design on a blue plate.
Feather accents at table settings add that extra touch (HGTV)

Feathers are even showing up in the most unexpected places, such as on light fixtures and lamp shades.

Three paper lanterns hanging in a window, feathering your nest.
Feather lamps are vibrant and fun (evadesigns)
Feather chandelier.
Beautiful sculpted glass feather chandelier (dressingroominteriors.wordpress)
A chandelier adorned with golden feathers.
Gold-dipped feathers take flight on this chandelier (decorfox)
A living room with a hanging feather.
A bright feathered lamp shade inserts fun into this room (postandgrant)

Artwork can add a nice natural touch to any interior.  Framed prints or framing a collection of actual feathers make a wonderful addition to a room.

A print of two feathers on a white background for Feather Your Nest.
Feather artwork gives a natural boost to a room (Pinterest)
A gold feather displayed on a decorative table alongside a vase, adding an elegant touch to your nest.
Beautiful feather artwork (Pottery Barn)

Feathers are a beautiful symbol of nature.  They infuse a bit of whimsy, beauty and glamour into your home.  Today’s feathery trend expands far into the design world.  You can choose to embrace the trend with bold light fixtures and wall coverings or upholster a chair or accent it with feather-trimmed pillows.  Display a feather collection or hang artwork with the feather motif.  Fun and fashionable, the feather is coming home to nest.


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