Creative Homes Built Around Trees

A creative home with glass walls and a tree in the background.

These homes bring a whole new meaning to bringing the outdoors in.  Trees grow inside and patios are built around trees to create a special home that exists side by side with nature.  These creative homes built around trees preserve their surroundings and create a nature-nurturing environment that is beautiful and unique.

A modern treehouse with wooden floor and walls.
Home designed around a tree (

An opening was created for this tree and then enclosed with glass to create a spectacular feature in the interior, while preserving the tree.

Creative Glass House with Tree
Home built around trees (Pinterest)

This is a home that has completely integrated the environment into its structure.

Creative Home with Tree
A tree grows inside the home (houseti)

This partially enclosed courtyard area beautifully integrates nature with modern living.  The trees provide shade in summer and give this space a peaceful natural vibe.

A Creative Home with a Large Tree in the Living Room.
Bringing nature indoors in a whole new way (webecoist.momtastic)

When a tree has grown for decades, it is a thoughtful decision by the architect and homeowner to preserve it and provide a space for its continued growth.  This tree is the central feature of the patio and can be viewed from nearly every room in the home.

A modern backyard with a creative wooden deck embraced by a tree.
Designing a patio around a tree (trendir)

A home’s breezeway is structured around a tree with an open skylight, bathing the space in light.

Creative Homes Built Around Trees featuring a circular room with a tree in the middle.
Incorporating a tree indoors (trendir)

A tree grows in this interior, placing its inhabitants right next to nature.

A creative living space with a tree as its centerpiece.
Bringing nature indoors with a tree (

This beautiful modern home is literally a part of its surrounding environment.  The home’s upper balcony is constructed around the tree, very much like a tree house.

A creative house built around a tree.
Building the house around a tree (decorationstyle)

A favorite tree does not have to be sacrificed to construct a patio or deck.  Simply incorporate it into the design and create an outdoor space that is beautiful and unique.

Two people enjoying a creative deck with a tree in the background.
Building a patio around a tree (design-milk)

Using a tree’s trunk as a non-structural accent in the home brings the outside in while preserving a bit of nature.

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A creative living room with a white couch.
Interior design around a tree (decorationstyle)

When leaving trees that would otherwise be cut down to accommodate a structure, trim them carefully to avoid any damage to the home.  Watch for and remove dead branches before they become a problem.

Creative patio with wicker chairs and tree.
Building around a tree (talesfromcarmel)

Imagine living with a tree growing right through your roof.  Homes around the world are embracing this way of thinking and planning homes that give more than just a nod toward the outside.

A creative living room with a stone wall.
Interior designed around a tree (

Trees can play an integral part in modern home architecture, providing a stunning feature.  This element of nature in and around a home adds great character while preserving one of the greatest features of the land.

Creative Container House with a Tree in the Yard.
Beautiful home built around a tree (inhabitat)

If you plan to build a home or patio, consider leaving trees in place and building around them for a unique take on the nature theme.  There is no longer a need to take down every tree in sight to build a house.  And you don’t have to live in the treetops.  A home can be among the trees even on the ground.


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