Embellish your home decor with the optical art

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Optical illusions, contrasting colors, geometric shapes and graphic elements: That is the so called “Optical Art”, the undisputed star of the’ 60s . This artistic current, also known as Op Art , is a an art mainly graphic, in which the artists tend to create and reproduce  an  effect of optical illusions, stimulating and involving the observers . The optical art is a style with great visual power and a strong effect of involvement. For these reasons, the optical art  has  immediately drew the attention of the stylists and designers of the period. In the home decor the optical art is one of the main design trend. The visual illusions and the graphic elements are primarily in black and white, although there are also colourful options.

A pink couch against a black and white striped wall, inspired by optical art.
optical wall paper looks great behind a sofa
A room with optically mesmerizing pink and white stripes on the wall.
optical wall paper with different coulors
A colorful optical art wall mural with a couch in front of it.
modern living room with a colourful optical wall paper
A purple sofa in front of a blue and purple striped wall showcasing optical art.
optical wall paper look amazing behind the sofa

Let’s find out together how we can furnish our home in optical style. Living rooms. The living rooms are the perfect space for introducing optical  decorations

An optical art spiral wall mural in a living room.
stylish living room decorated with optical wall paper
A living room with an optical art spiral wall.
contemporary living room with an impressive optical wall paper
A couch with colorful pillows and a black and white spiral wall art inspired by optical art.
optical art decoration for the wall

You can choose, for instance, a stylish sofa like this one, created and made by the famous Italian fashion brand Missoni

A room with a yellow couch and a vibrant yellow rug, showcasing visual illusions inspired by optical art.
elegant sofa by Missoni

Or you can opt for modern chairs, contemporary fornitures  or even a carpet, all in optical art style

An optical art lounge chair.
stylish optical art chair
A checkered side table with an optical art twist.
creative furniture in optical style
A black and white chevron rug featuring optical art in a living room.
stylish living room with an optical carpet
An optical art-inspired black and white chevron rug on a wooden floor.
elegant and original optical carpet

Another possibility, is to use  creative wall papers in optical style that will add a touch of creativity to your home decor

A black and white optical art spiral with a white background.
optical wall paper
A black and white optical drawing of a group of hands.
optical art illusion wall paper
Three pictures of a red chair in front of an optical art swirl pattern.
stunning optical art wall papers

For those who are looking for something really astonishing, a perfect idea is to choose an oil or acrylic painting such these, that perfectly combine the modernism of the optical art with the classicism of the traditional figurative oil painting

A painting of a woman in an optical art pattern.
oil and acrylic painting by Carla Volpi an Italian artist famous for her art work in optical art style
An abstract optical art painting with red and white stripes.
optical art painting by Italian artist Carla Volpi
An optical art painting with yellow and black stripes.
acrylic and oil painting by Carla Volpi

Bedrooms: wall papers in optical style can give an unique touch of design to your bedroom. Another possibility is to choose a cover with optical illusions

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A black and white bedroom with an optical art spiral wall mural.
modern bedroom with an amazing optical wall paper
A black and white striped duvet cover in a bedroom with optical art.
optical cover for a modern bedroom

Kitchens and dining rooms. If you want an original and stunning kitchen why don’t you opt for optical details that can enhance and boost the  style?

An optical art-inspired black and white tiled backsplash in a kitchen.
kitchen with optical decorations
A dining room with optical art.
minimalistic dining room with an optical art painting
A room with optical art.
home decor in optical art style
A black and white checkered floor showcasing optical art.
stunning optical home decor

As you can see in this gallery, the home decor in optical style can give personality, character and creativity to your home, making all the rooms and all the spaces really unique

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