Go Bold with Color in 2015

Brightly colored chairs in a bold dining room.

If you are bored with neutral or find your interior bland, perhaps you are ready to shake things up in the new year.  Shake off your inhabitations about color and go bold.  Try out a new paint color or reupholster a few pieces in a bright new color.  Start small or create a whole new vibrant interior to wake up your senses for 2015.

A colorful wicker chair in a room.
Country Living
A living room with bold blue walls and a white couch.

Color invigorates, excites and livens up an interior.  Bold color doesn’t have to be jarring and overly bright, unless that is your style.  Just making small changes can bring maximum color impact to a room.  Colorful pillows and accessories go a long way toward a more varied palette.

A bed with bold-colored pillows.
A living room with a bold-colored couch, chairs, and a chandelier.
A vibrant living room with bold-colored couches, chairs and ottomans in 2015.

A new area rug can be the starting point for a new look.  Choose a rug that you really like and use it for inspiration for new fabrics and accessories.  Or if you just want a splash of color, add the rug and keep the rest of the room neutral.  Pick a color from the rug and use it somewhere else in the room for a cohesive look and to draw attention to the rug.

A boldly colored living room with orange and green accents.
A vibrant rug in a modern living room.

If you prefer a more muted palette but still want a dash of color, go for darker shades.  Burnt orange looks fabulous in this traditional dining room.  If an allover colorful room isn’t for you, simply bring in one additional color to complement what you already have.

A formal dining room with bold orange walls.
A living room with vibrant green walls and zebra print furniture.
A vibrant dining room with a round table and chairs.
Dona Rosene Interiors via Houzz

If you really want to wake up a space, choose bright greens, blues, yellows and pinks.  Fresh and light, this is a color palette that opens up a room.  Adding color to a room does not necessarily mean going for a bold explosion of color.  You can work these bold hues into a room through subtle accessorizing.

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A living room with bold green walls and vibrant red furniture.
A vibrant living room with yellow furniture and accessories.
A bold and colorful bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
A living room with bold green curtains and a deer.
Fawn Galli

Rich, dark colors transform a space into a cozy retreat.  Deep amethyst, dark blue or any rich shade of color brings instant drama to a space.  To keep the room from becoming too serious, add punches of brighter colors for a lively contrast.

A hallway with bold purple walls and a statement purple chair.
A living room with bold blue walls and vibrant furniture.
A living room with bold purple and green wallpaper.
A living room with a bold blue and green color scheme in 2015.
A dining room with bold blue wallpaper and vibrant yellow chairs.
Schuyler Samperton Design via Homedit.com

Try something new.  Mix things up with fun and vibrant colors or go bold with a darker palette.  If you fear a big change, start small and live with it for a few days or weeks.  If you find you enjoy the brighter colors, begin gradually adding more until you have just the right balance.  Don’t be concerned with trends, just use the colors you love and work from there.  Go ahead, inject more color into your home for a bright new year.

A bold green chair in a living room.


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