How To Choose The Perfect Shade For Each Window

Embroidered Curtain

Traditional curtains in the window in white, are very bright.

A kitchen sink with a window.

Curtains In The Kitchen

In square windows, very present in the kitchens, the blinds work very well. Silestone countertop.


The translucent curtains are very bright and tolerate patterns very well. On the sideboard of the dining room, a silver metallic cup as a vase. The bouquet, with roses and green.

A white lily sits in front of a window.

Elegant Air

Traditional curtains, like those in this guest bedroom, are always more elegant. Trunks upholstered by curtains and upholstery. Table lamp with steel foot, in house and field. Mosquito net of Zara Home. Ceiling fan. White quartz pavement recomposed.

In White

Living room with access doors to the garden, with curtains made by Coordonné. Corner sofa and pouf, upholstered in gray linen, both by Gastón Y Daniela. White wool rug, from Banak Importa. Table lamp and table lamp, both pickled wood. Picture, in Brocard. Limestone pavement.

A white living room with a chandelier and window.

To The Ground

Living room with access doors to the garden with curtains. Corner sofa, pouf upholstered in gray linen, and chaise longue with the caption. Low cabinet with drawers. White wool rug, from Banak Importa. Picture, in Brocard.

A dining room with a white table and chairs near a window.

To The Wind

Dining room with pickled table and chairs, and ceiling lamp, by Quaint and Quality. Pickled sideboard and canvas curtains.

A white bedroom with wooden beams, a fireplace, and a window.

Curtains And Blinds

Master bedroom with work fireplace. Pickled mirror, in Amber. Louis XV style armchair. A bench, of Canvas of the Gazules. Carpet by Zara Home. Valencian curtains, in Côté Soleil.

The time has come to dress your windows and you don’t know where to start. And it is not the same to wear a swinging window than a sliding window. By way of guidance, even today the curtain that is most placed is the traditional one since it adapts to all types of windows.

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The blind, however, is no longer used so much. Sitges Upholstery, the reason is that if it is not well leveled it gives problems when raising and lowering it. Today, the most common options are:

Cortina. It is very versatile and in the form of a curtain is translucent and very bright. The double curtain (curtain and curtain) wears and allows the entry of light very well.

Screen. You can choose the degree of thickness and opening of the weft of the mesh to make it more or less transparent. It is easy to clean (just pass a damp cloth).

Wood slats. They are very practical in kitchens and bathrooms for their good resistance to moisture. In addition, they give a natural touch (50 mm, from € 315, 100 x 250 cm).

Blinds. They are imposed on rod blinds, as they are much more practical when washing (the rods do not have to be removed). They are a classic in bedrooms.

Do we review which curtains will be the best for each window?

For A Balcony

It is the classic old floor window with two swing doors. They are beautiful, but difficult to wear. The most decorative option is two curtain falls, either with a bar or with a rail.

If you have a false ceiling, the best solution is the rail, because the mechanism will be hidden and, in addition, the result will be very decorative because it will appear that the curtain comes out of the wall itself.

The important thing with this type of window is that there is space on both sides of it. A very practical alternative is to place curtains with rods held at the ends of the crystals, either above and below, or only above.

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So you can open and close the window without any difficulty. Choose the system you choose, never opt for a blind, because when the fabric is collected at the top of the window they prevent its total opening.

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