All you need is paint and a brush

A white living room with black and white floral wall art, perfect for painting ideas.

Many of us are not exactly top painters, but we like to express our inner selves through creative ideas. They don’t have to be big projects, but you’re guaranteed to feel good once you’re done. There are many ways, from carving to making your own pieces of furniture. However, in this article, we will give you a few ideas of what to do with a little paint and a brush.

Drawings on the wall

You’ve probably noticed that the graffiti on the walls has been a real hit for years. And you can buy them ready-made in the form of stickers that you simply stick to the desired wall. But instead, you can create your ideal image and caption yourself.

A woman is painting clouds on a wall for creative painting ideas.
You can use certain templates to make painting on the wall easier

It is important to think carefully about what you want to paint on the wall. Then determine the dimensions and use a level to draw the lines with a wooden pencil to help keep everything even. You can erase that pen later. Use wall paints, and if you are working in various colors, then allow one to dry before applying the other, so they don’t mix.

Painting on furniture

The same principle only instead of painting on the wall you paint on the furniture. This is an ideal solution if you have some old closets and chests of drawers and don’t want to replace them with new ones.

Four pictures of a woman painting a dresser in various imaginative ways, showcasing different painting ideas.
You can be equally creative in painting old pieces of furniture

Remember that in the case of wood, you will need to sand the surface you are painting on before applying the paint. It would be best to sand and paint the whole piece of furniture and then apply the details you want to it. Use wood paint.

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Flower jars

Whether you want to create unique pots for your flowers or jars for some of the little things you hold, you can paint them yourself. That way, you will have ideal colors that fit into your home and will be completely unique.

A collage of pictures illustrating clay pot making process.
Flower pots can be quite monotonous and boring so it is your job to make your own special

It would be best if you use paint for ceramics. If you are using old jars, first clean them thoroughly and sand them if necessary, and then apply the paint. This way, you can also make cute bowls for the nursery.

Painting on mugs

Now that you have mastered all the painting techniques, you can make any decorations you want. You can also paint your own coffee or tea mugs, or even plates. Over the years, we all get a few cups as a gift that we don’t really like.

A series of pictures showing painting ideas for a mug and a plate.
If you serve coffee or cakes in a dish you painted yourself, your friends will surely be impressed

Instead of throwing them away or taking up space for you uselessly, you can make them beautiful to your liking. Be sure to use paints that are waterproof and washable.

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