The Crafty Creative – How to Create Your Own Unique Drapery

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Have you been struck by the DIY itch? Or perhaps you’re just looking to create your very own unique drapery in a style that is 100% you. If so, this is the article for you.

Today, we will look at how you can create your very own drapery, for a fraction of the cost that would incur if you purchased customised curtains for your home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some of your favourite upholstery fabric and read on,

1. What Do You Need?

The first step in creating your own unique drapery is to figure out what your needs are. Are you looking for drapery that offers you privacy or are you looking for something that is primarily decorative? Are you trying to keep the harsh afternoon sunlight out of your home?

A living room with unique grey and white curtains.

Or perhaps you are looking for drapery that acts as insulation during the colder months of the year. Knowing exactly what you need and why is the first step in creating your very own unique drapery that is not just lovely to look at, but also functional for your particular needs. Once you assess your needs, you can go on to the fun bit of getting crafty!

2. Measure, Measure, Measure!

You are going to need the exact dimensions of your window in order to begin crafting your own drapery. It’s time to get that tape measure out and start measuring! The general rule of thumb is that your fabric should measure anywhere between 1.5-4 times the length of your chosen window.

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Of course, the more generous you are with this ratio, the more folds you’ll be creating, giving the illusion of richness. When it comes to length, you need to allow some excess length for top and bottom hems, along with a little extra for the window trim. The more hem you allow, the better your drapery will hang. Start measuring!

3. Time To Get Your Fabric

Now that you have your window measurements, you’re going to have to calculate how much fabric is required. If you have chosen your desired upholstery, then head into the store and let them know exactly how much fabric you need.

A living room with unique drapery and beige furniture.

A good piece of advice would be to purchase extra in case you mess up the first time round, as well as for any other crafty projects you may have in mind (such as pillow cases that match your drapes perfectly!).

4. Gather Your Tools

Now comes the fun bit! You’ll need to gather all the tools you need to create your own unique drapery. Some items you will need include measuring tape, pins, thread, a large workspace, ironing board, fabric pencils and your trusty washer and dryer. If you don’t own a sewing machine, consider borrowing or renting one as it will make you life 100 times easier as opposed to doing everything by hand.

A living room with a beige couch and unique drapery.

You will also need curtain rods and any other hardware needed for attaching the rods to your wall. Another good low cost option to look into would be curtain rings. Once you have your well equipped arsenal, you’re ready to rumble!

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5. Let’s Get Down and Dirty!

Now the time has come for you to start cutting, sewing and stitching your unique drapery. Lay your fabric on your designated work space and start getting creative. Cut out the pieces of fabric you need, iron and hem the sides, pin, sew, and do whatever it takes to create the drapery of your dreams. There are many online tutorials if you feel a little overwhelmed, so fret not!

6. Sit Back and Admire Your Creation

Last but not least, the time has come to hang your hard work up and let everyone enjoy the new and unique addition to your home decor. Pat yourself on the back for being creative, and in the process, also saving a whole bunch of money!


We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you too can go about creating your own unique drapery. With careful planning and organisation, you’ll be hanging up some of the coolest curtains in town in no time!

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