Six Exceptional Color Schemes Will Transform Your Homes

A colorful couch in a living room.

The most daunting task you’ll ever experience in your life is choosing the right color schemes for your house. If you haven’t chosen one yet then we are all ready to guide you. Colour palettes range from yellow, red to blue with different shades in between. Chances are you will be overwhelmed if you are planning on giving your home a new look.

A monochrome living room with a tv.

To save you the agony, a sneak-peek on a few outstanding colour schemes that will instantly transform your home is a good place to start.

Adjacent Colors Schemes of Color Wheel

A woman in a brown coat standing in front of a colorful wall showcasing various color schemes.

For a warm and relaxing feeling in your home, consider colours that appear next to each other on the colour wheel. Yellow and green, blue and purple or red and orange. Blending these colours in different ways across your rooms will give your house a casual yet exciting look.

Elite White

A modern bathroom with a white tub and sink featuring a sleek color scheme.

Personal spaces like your bathroom always look perfect in white. You can explore the possibility of having soft grey or creamy white in your restrooms. Ocean blue is a great fit for bathrooms too. Just like the ocean you want your bathroom to be relaxing and peaceful.

Shades of Green

A glass table displaying a book and cup with coordinated color schemes.

The colour green comes in different shades: Mint, lime, jungle, pear, sage, lime, just to mention a few. For that fresh look consider playing around with shades of green in your rooms. You can creatively blend them from room to room with these color schemes.

Gradual Tones

An abstract painting with vibrant color schemes.

Better still, go for one colour with its varying shades. Perhaps shades of orange, blue or red. The key is a natural flow from one room to another giving your home a natural, authentic look.

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Contrasting Hues

A vibrant red brick wall.

You might want to make a bold statement, unique and daring. In this case, a scheme of contrasting colours is your best option. Nothing communicates daring on your walls like a red and purple combo.

Make a Bold Statement

A staircase leading up to a vibrant, colorful wall with unique color schemes.

Your imagination is not limited. Get wild with the unexpected combination of colours green, yellow, blue and orange. They communicate vigour and positive energy.

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