Eight Wall Decor Ideas to Transform your Bland Walls

A graffiti-covered brick building as an inspiration for wall décor ideas.

Wall is a noticeable element in the home décor and interior design. There are many wall décor ideas to transform the flat expanses into a lively space. And, these ideas range from decorating to adding to supplementing to devising a precise strategy about embellishing the walls of your homes or offices.

Eight Wall Decor Ideas to Transform your Bland Walls

Texture the Wall

A living room with a yellow couch and yellow pillows showcasing wall décor ideas.

The most simple and budgeted way to enhance the walls of your homes is texturing. Use scrubs to crumpled paper to basic hashing to scribbling to the most whimsical idea of texture that your mind can fathom. The only tip is that use the correct shade. If you are texturing a larger expanse, keep the tones low.

Large Abstract Painting

A living room with stylish wall décor ideas, featuring a grey couch and blue wall art.

Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, or any expressionist artist can inspire you. Choose the best abstract painting with colors that match with your wall-paint.

Shelves and Storage

A children's room with wall décor ideas.

Décor your wall using shelves that will serve as commendable storage. Furthermore, while you plan the shelves, not only keep it stylized and contemporary but also keep it function-oriented.

Books and Books

A living room with an abundance of bookshelves, perfect for wall décor ideas.

If you are a geek or a book-lover, it is one of the perfect wall décor ideas for you. Set up a terrific library on your wall instead of thinking about how to decorate it. The range of books in your collection is bound to catch the eyes of envious geeky fellows.


A bathroom with a woman painting as wall décor.

You can hang a large photograph of a family in your living room. And, maybe a huge portrait of yours will adorn the wall like no other wall décor ideas. So, you can render the portrait either in a silhouetted technique or in a sepia or black and white tonality.

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Texts—One of the Best Wall Décor Ideas

A black and white photo of a brick wall featuring wall décor ideas.

Motivate yourself every morning by reading some of the heart-touching quotes by exceptional leaders. Besides, you can either graffiti them or frame the photos.

Traditional Puppets

A group of colorful dolls, a wall décor idea.

Lending a traditional and rustic touch to your residence or office, hang interesting and terrific puppets. These puppets are in itself an interesting narrative. Guests will be drawn to them in no time!

World Maps

A 3D rendering of a small apartment showcasing wall décor ideas.

One more idea for interesting folks out there! Stick a poster of a map or paint the contour of the world map on your wall. Your kids and friends, as well, will be caught spotting the countries and continents.

Thus, These wall décor ideas can be undeniably improvised according to your space and rooms. Make your walls come alive!

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