Increase The Heat With Rose Gold Décor

A dining room with rose gold table and chairs.

Trend connoisseurs across the globe are putting a twist on traditional metallic favourites such as gold and silver by opting instead to add exciting and fun rose gold tones into their homes. Rose gold is a precious metal, similar to gold, with more coppery tones that gives it an unusual shade.

A dining room with rose gold table and chairs.
Peach and pink tones amplify the metallic rose gold hues (

Some style mavens have incorporated rose gold as a main feature of the room, benefitting from majorly metallic themes that reflect the light and add glamour, but also with a fresh and unusual twist.

A bathroom with rose gold mirrors and a bathtub.
Rose gold mirrors throw the colour around the entire room (
A room with rose gold hearts on the wall.
Mixing metallic with matte for the perfect finish (

Others have chosen to add rose gold accents with smaller but still eye-catching pieces of décor. Just a few rose gold accents is enough to add luxe and warmth to any room, especially against a light cream or white background.

A room with hanging plants and rose gold pots hanging from the ceiling.
Hanging plant holders put the rose gold features at eye level (
A rose gold vase on a decorative shelf.
This rose gold shelving unit takes the emphasis away from subtler decorative pieces (
A rose gold flatware set with a spoon and fork to increase the heat with rose gold décor.
Set the table with rose gold cutlery for a modern and quirky dinner party twist (
A living room with a grey couch and a coffee table enhanced by rose gold décor.
Just a few rose gold accents can heat up the entire room (
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