Versatile Decorating with Ottomans

A brown leather ottoman in a living room.

From footstool to coffee table, from storage unit to extra seating; the ottoman is the ultimate in versatile accent furniture.  Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes and complement any room in the house.

A coffee table with an ottoman in a living room.

Placed in the living room, the ottoman serves as a place to prop up your feet and as extra seating when needed.  The ottoman as coffee table is seen frequently in homes now.  Using trays to hold decorative items or drinks, the ottoman is often a top choice for its versatility.  Sturdy and stylish, the ottoman is a multi-functional addition to a room.

A living room with a fireplace and ottoman.

Photo above, room design by Candice Olsen

Smaller ottomans are often placed in rooms as accent pieces that can be used as additional seating for guests.  These can be very simple in style or quite decorative with lavish trim.  Smaller ottomans can be stored under tables if space is limited or can be actual storage vessels.

A leather ottoman.          A round paisley-patterned ottoman.

Left, HomeVance Casual Storage Tray Ottoman.  Right, Tanisha Shoe Ottoman.

Storage ottomans are a great way to stylishly tuck away items such as blankets, toys and even shoes.  In the bedroom, shoe storage ottomans make a great place to sit and put on shoes once you have chosen a pair from inside.  A set of three or more ottomans placed under a window make a great seating and storage area.

A zebra print ottoman in a room.               A living room with two chairs, an ottoman, and a chandelier.

With the right fabric, ottomans can bring interest or a pop of color to a room.  Leather, velvet, lush silks, animal prints or more practical cottons; fringed trim, tufted buttons or pleated skirts; ottomans can take on any decorative personality and provide just the right seating or storage solution.

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