Comparing the Bands Sojag vs Sunjoy

A gazebo with a table and chairs next to a pool, comparing the brands Sojag vs Sunjoy.

While most outdoor structure brands have struggled to gain a foothold in one segment of the market or another, two long-standing brands, Sunjoy and Sojag have managed to dominate many different market sectors. Sojag is a highly reputable brand renowned for its weather-resistant, highly durable outdoor structures, and Sunjoy is particularly renowned for its dazzling array of gazebos.


It can be quite a tricky feat to choose which is best for you between these two long-established brands, especially if you’re planning to go it on your own with little or no professional assistance. Depending on factors like the type of roofed outdoor structure you’re opting for, the space you’ve set aside for the setup, and other key features and factors, you might be better off with one brand compared to the other. Here’s how Sojag and Sunjoy compare based on 5 key factors.

Product Ranges

Both brands have lined up an impressive range of products in many categories, from pergolas to garages, sheds, carports, and gazebos. When it comes to gazebos, pergolas, and carports, both brands go nearly head-to-head in their product range, though Sojag’s product range has a slightly greater edge in garages, gazebos solariums.

Sojag’s range of gazebos includes wall-mounted gazebos and grill gazebos, but Sunjoy is particularly renowned for its range of charming hard-roof gazebos. Sojag also outclasses Sunjoy when it comes to solariums, with a range of solarium options that completely dwarfs that of Sunjoy’s. But both brands have put forward a decent range of pergolas, garages, and carports.


Both brands use weather-resistant steel for most of their products. But Sojag also offers aluminum products for greater anti-corrosion properties while Sunjoy has also lined up wooden gazebos and pergolas that are quite stylish and elegant. Sojag’s aluminum frames are better options if you’re looking for an all-weather roofed outdoor structure. Although they might be as durable as Sojag’s aluminum frames, Sunjoy’s steel frames also fair quite well all through the seasons, provided you take optimum care of them. Sunjoy’s steel frames are powder-coated to enhance its anticorrosion properties. Both brands also deploy heavy-duty, aluminum steel roofing in their hard-top gazebos and pergolas.


When it comes to sizes, both brands give customers wide latitude of choice to help them pick products best-suited for their space. Their standard gazebo sizes include 10×12, 10×10, 8×12, 8×10, 12×16, and lots more.

You’ll definitely find a size that’s an exact match for the spot you’ve set aside for it, whether you need a small grill area or large sitting area for family dinners and parties.

Other Unique Features

Both brands are also known for going the extra mile to include features and functionalities not found in most average products, including anti-UV curtain fabrics and mosquito nets for their gazebos and pergolas. Some of Sunjoy’s high-end hard roof gazebos also integrate vents in their rooftops for better airflow.

Ease of Installation

The products of both brands are also easy to install on your own, though you might need some extra hands to install some products like large gazebos and solariums. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to seek out professional help when installing roofed outdoor structures to ensure the safety, integrity, and reliability of the structure over the long run. Reach out to us today for prompt professional assistance for your Sojag or Sunjoy installations.

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