3 Reasons Misplaced Downspouts Are a Serious Problem

As a diligent homeowner, you understand the importance of protecting every part of your home, and your gutters are an essential aspect of that protection. Your gutter system has multiple parts that work together as a whole to shield your home and yard from damage caused by water. If one part isn’t working correctly, then the whole system won’t be able to perform as it was designed to.

Key components of your gutter system that are crucial to its function are the gutter downspouts. Gutters require careful planning, and the downspouts must be strategically placed based on the unique characteristics of each home to properly direct water away from the house without causing harm to the yard, driveway, or the neighboring property. Misplaced gutter downspouts can significantly impact the ability of your gutter system to protect your home and property from water.

If you’re not sure that your downspouts are properly placed, here are three reasons you should fix them:

1. They Fail To Channel Water Away from the Home

If your downspouts are not properly placed, they may allow water to pool around the home. A major concern is that this water may leak into your home or basement and cause damage that requires expensive repairs. Leaks can also lead to mold forming and spreading in your home, which may compromise your family’s health and require relocation while the mold is addressed.

In addition, water near the house can damage your foundation, erode your soil, and rot your exterior. These are all costly problems to fix and if unattended may lead to even greater problems in the future.

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2. They Prevent Water From Flowing Freely in the System

For a gutter system to perform as intended, water must be able to flow smoothly and swiftly through the gutters. Many factors can affect the flow, including misplaced gutter downspouts. When water is not able to flow freely, blockages and overflow can occur, particularly if you live in an area with heavy precipitation.

Overflow can damage your roof and your home’s exterior, causing rot and mildew. It can also lead to pooling water near the base of the house that risks your foundation and basement. Furthermore, the additional weight of the water can cause your gutters to separate from the roof and even fall off, which can be dangerous for your family.

3. They Place Strain on Your Whole Gutter System

Misplaced gutter downspouts prevent your system from performing efficiently. This can place a great strain on your gutters, reducing the life of your system. You may consequently need repairs or replacement earlier than you anticipated.

To be their most effective, your gutters need properly placed downspouts to maintain the integrity of the whole system. If you are experiencing any of the common problems related to misplaced gutter downspouts, you should seek the advice of a professional to determine whether your downspouts are the cause. Addressing the problem may now, saves you from stressful and expensive gutter and home repairs in the future.

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