Add Style to Your Bohemian Bedroom in 5 Steps

Free like a bird, yet so sophisticated, the bohemian style bedroom is one of the designs that often draws its beauty from “clutter.”

Many times it flaunts the attractiveness of freely or randomly arranged items and décor, but the result is a beautiful nomad-like appeal that will make your bedroom as warm and cozy as it can get.

The Secret to a Bohemian Style Bedroom

The latest boho-style designs insist on proper arrangement even as you seek to randomize the placement of the contents in your bedroom.

Your goal is to achieve a more eclectic look so you want to do better than throw stuff anywhere and call it a day.

Remember, spacing and functionality must remain your top priorities—you can’t sacrifice those two just to achieve a free-spirited design.

If done properly, you should end up with a sophisticated appeal, more like what you’d find in a resort.

And the good thing, you can tweak to get a girly or boyish look— or even blend the two— depending on your needs.

5 Tips to Add Style to Your Bohemian Bedroom

1. Paint in a Bold Color

Don’t be afraid to exercise your freedom of choice when doing a bohemian style bedroom. A perfect approach is to let a neutral theme dominate most of the room, and then choose one contrasting color to break the boredom.

With that in mind, it is better to paint one of your walls, instead of going all round. You save more, do little work and still gain outstanding results.

2. Slide a Patterned Rug Underfoot

Well, you can’t dispute this until you give it a try; a boho-themed room looks better in patterned rugs than the plain versions!

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Still, you have to consider your theme (in terms of colors) before choosing a rug;

(i)  If your theme is colorful, go for a neutral throw,

(ii) But if white dominates other parts, feel free to take a colorful approach.

And that’s not all, another idea is to layer those floor mats and rugs. For instance, you can have an end-to-end carpet, and a strategically-placed rug on top.

3. Make you walls rougher

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Texturizing your wall, instead of hanging some painting, or doing a picture gallery can help you achieve a more sophisticated appeal.

Try with hanging fabrics or add some molding into your walls to achieve the texture you’re looking for.

4. Add a Statement piece

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The statement piece should be the center of attention in your bedroom. This is a tricky pick because it must stand out from everything else.

But it is easier to achieve if you have the space and love for bedroom furniture. One trick is to use a well-arranged sitting area that contrasts with your theme.

Focus on creative bedroom furniture but be sure to choose a color and design that will blend with what you have.

5. Furnish with Glitzy Décor

Lastly, the bohemian style bedroom is not complete without the charm of glitzy accents.

Steel or brass are two favorites for boho-style.  You can invite any of the two into your design by adding small touches e.g., into your curtain holders and cabinet doorknobs.

You could also use matching pre-made hanging lights or mounted lamps.



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