Boho Chic Decoration – Freedom, Art And Originality

A boho chic decoration featuring a dream catcher adorned with feathers.

The Boho Chic decoration style is a bohemian trend with which we identify artists and somewhat rebellious people. It has no solid norms nor follows a conventional paradigm for the simple fact of gathering in its creations spaces full of color, texture, and form. Without concerning if the elements on the stage have similarities to each other, or if there is a harmonic contrast in the design.

The Boho Chic style is considered as a form of free decoration, where the only rule is that there are no rules. Its main attraction is the grace and essence we find in the mixture of all kinds of decorative tendencies that are in its composition.

A boho chic mirror hangs on a brick wall in a living room.

With the collaboration of this bohemian decorative trend, each scenario becomes more vital. Many architects and interior designers say that putting this technique into practice favors spaces positively. Which is why designers recommend it for all kinds of renovation projects for exteriors and interiors.

Their materials manage to transmit cozy sensations where nature paint a picture. We can achieve this by the integration of natural inputs such as a variety of plants, natural textiles such as silk or wool and a unique mix of bright colors. The combinations are what mark the hierarchy showing the contrast between textures, colors, textiles, among others.

A boho chic Christmas wreath on the front door of a home.

If you want to know more about this irreverent idea of ​​interior decoration, keep reading this article. This piece offers beautiful Boho Chic designs to put into practice in your home.

Cozy, bohemian and very romantic bedroom

A boho chic bedroom with a colorful rug on the floor.

If you’re a lover of freedom in design, rebelliousness, spontaneity, hippy tendencies, you can move to your space of intimacy. The bedrooms are personal spaces that require a limited number of objects to avoid visual distractions that prevent the natural reconciliation of sleep. So you can begin by experimenting with textiles and embroidery of different patterns. The bedrooms with this style stand out for being romantic, cheerful, vital and very funny.

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Psychologists do not recommend the presence of bright colors in these spaces because they impede relaxation. So experts recommend using pastel color palettes, with wooden furniture to give balance to the elements present.

Bohemian spaces around the world


The Boho Chic decoration introduces a large number of objects from diverse cultures around the world, pretending to be a scenario that demonstrates the characteristics and typical elements that the world and its history have. Boho Chic environments bring unique elements such as Arabic rugs, Turkish lamps, pillows hand-knitted from India, silk from China, among others.

In conclusion, there are no rules when you want to have a Boho Chic environment, all kinds of design are functional, just remember that everything in excess tends to be harmful, so do not overload parts your spaces.

Infinite colors

A boho chic living room with colorful furniture and a fireplace.

It is truly unique a decorative style where the colors are the central axis, and the Boho Chic is the case. The presence of multiple pigments gives a sense of naturalness and freshness to any kind of environment, regardless of the decoration of the space.

This is a style that brings with it an arsenal of bright and velvety colors that achieve synergy on the stages. The colors that dominate the space have the goal of transmitting light and freshness.

The combination of all types of tonality sounds crazy, but when done with balance and help from a professional, the result is stunning and original.

Flowers, flowers and many more flowers

3D rendering of a boho chic living room with yellow and white furniture.

One of the main characteristics of the Boho Chic decoration style is the presence of flowers, whether natural or artificial. Which may not be represented in the conventional form of a flower or garden plant. And it could be printed on textiles, cushions and pictures.

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Flowers and plants provide color and vitality and have a large number of meanings. In Boho Chic fashion, there is an innovation of bridal dresses with beautiful flowers in embroidery. Where it shows the beauty of nature and the freedom that exists in art regardless of the branch.

Textiles and contrasts

A boho chic living room with a colorful rug and plants.

Textiles are pieces that give spaces different types of textures, shapes and colors. In Boho Chic decoration, a marked emphasis is placed on the use of these pieces as typical factors of this.

As mentioned before, Boho Chic adopts all kinds of cultural elements around the world. So it is very common to find fabrics and embroideries with floral or botanical designs that express the beauty of their place of origin.

Creativity has no limits, the cultural mix shows the similarities that we can find in different continents. And they are showing a taste for flora, fauna and, of course, cultural diversity.

Sobriety and balance in colors

A boho chic living room with colorful furniture and orange walls.

Not always the Boho Chic style must in its spaces an overdose of bright colors and a marked hippie taste. Some architects and contemporary designers sympathetic to this type of decoration. And they have decided to add sobriety to the stage without losing the warmth that characterizes the trend.

The pieces with textures are still a fundamental part, classic and natural inputs such as the wood frame. All kinds of furniture demonstrating romanticism and passion for nature, we add to the beautiful spaces. They’re Embroidered in different patterns, being these fundamental symbols in the decoration Boho Chic.

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Cushions to decorate any space

A boho chic living room with a sectional couch and a rug.

The cushions are pieces of decoration for a common area such as a room, or an intimate bedroom. Do you want to start introducing the Boho Chic decoration in your home? What you need to do is take small steps until you find a decoration that is consistent with your home. For this, try to incorporate cushions of bright colors in textiles such as linen, wool or cotton.

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