4 Outlandish Zen Garden Ideas for a Tranquil Meditation Area

philosophic zen garden designs

If meditation, rumination, and being alone is your thing, then you’ll love these Zen garden ideas.

This style draws inspiration from Buddhist Monks gardens in Japan and was explicitly meant for relaxation, self-healing, and meditative purposes.

Buddhist Monks gardens in Japan            Zen Garden Ideas for a Tranquil Meditation Area

Being a subtle style from a group known for self-perfection (the monks), getting this style right often means sticking to the roots and ground rules.

And you have to comply because you only get it right when your space turns into a natural, peaceful area. Yes! That’s the Zen feeling. And it’s the X-factor that separates it from other designs!

Zen Garden with bamboo wall

But sticking to ground rules does not mean your options are limited—or you can’t get creative. Zen gardens can be done in many different styles, sizes, and materials.

The Fundamentals of Zen Style

Japanese Zen garden style

Zen gardens borrow a lot from their creators, the monastics. Simplicity or minimalism, for instance, is a major feature in this Japanese style.

Judging by its plainness, you can tell monks were guided by the notion that you can gain more from less.

Sand and rock garden

Other things to remember when considering Zen garden ideas include;

  • Spaciousness and Freedom: Your Zen garden must allow for hassle-free navigation and make a small space look large.
  • Flexibility: Zen orchards can fit any lawn size. So space shouldn’t be a problem if you savor the calmness of the Zen design.
  • Naturalism: This design is earth-inspired. Many times it blends natural materials wisely to create the impression of a Japanese Buddhist garden.
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Japanese Buddhist garden

Lastly, your Zen must include some form of seating. You plan to spend a reasonable amount of time in your meditation zone, so standing is not an option.

What Must Appear in Your Zen Design

All that needs to be included in Zen Design

Incense sticks and other furnishings are secondary, but the following are must-haves to a Monk’s Garden.

  • Stones:  Rocks or crystals are a classic design in this monk-inspired design. They help create a natural space and add the rough jungle feeling to your Buddhist garden.
  • Plants: Greens such as grasses, flowers, trees, and herbs dominate a Zen-themed backyard. Feel free to use plants like bamboo, pine, orchid, and azalea.
  • Water: Elements of a water source, like a pond or fountain, can add life to your Buddhist garden. The rippling of water in a calm space can help calm your nerves.
  • Accessories: Accessorize with different Buddhist statues to create the impression of a meditation area.

zen Garden ideas

And finally, illuminate your meditation zone with some old-style lighting designs like lamps, candles, or lanterns.

Zen Garden Ideas

Green Zen Garden Ideas

If you are thinking about turning your garden into a self-healing area, then nothing should stop you.

These Zen garden ideas are a sign the style is flexible. In essence, do what you do as long as you design your lawn into a tranquil environment.

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1. The White Brick-wall Zen garden 

The White Brick-wall Zen garden 

The White Brick-wall Zen garden 

Many Zen-inspired gardens have green plant-covered backgrounds or concrete or wooden wall. But you can sway from the usual and go with a tall brick wall.

Painting them white can form the perfect contrasting background allowing your greens and furniture to stand out.

Leave lots of space and blend white with green. You can also use white flooring or stepping stones to make an all-white and green Zen garden.

2. Add a Meditation bed in the Greens

Backyard bench in the Greens

Stones that reflect light at night

Talk of furniture in the garden and chairs, a couch, or a handy stool comes to mind. A bed, however, is the last thing you expect to find in an orchard.

Build a sizeable wooden meditation bed that blends with your garden and place it in a strategic location. Use white fabrics and accessorize with throw pillows to make it noticeable from a distance.

3. Install a Raised Wooden Japanese-style Hut

Concrete japanese-style Hut

Concrete japanese-style HutA wooden monk-style shanty or shed is an excellent way to create a rumination area in your garden.

Build your shanty in a thicket, raise it higher, and add a climbing ladder or wooden stairs. You can also beautify with white light curtains that you can push aside to enjoy a view of your Buddhist garden.

4. Use Rock and Sand to Build the Desert Zen Garden

Rock and Sand to Build the Desert Zen Garden

Rock and Sand to Build the Desert Zen GardenElements of earth and sand are a standard in Zen designs. So you can seclude an area, fill it with fine sand and natural rocks for a coarse desert look.

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If you like, use a rake to create waves in the sand to make your desert look more lifelike.

Anyone can do Zen!

Minimalist zen gardenWhich of these Zen garden ideas did you like? Well, choose wisely, according to your budget and space. But remember, there’s something for everyone.



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