Styling The Ultimate Bohemian Bedroom

A stylish room with a loft bed and bookshelves perfect for creating the ultimate bohemian bedroom.

The bohemian trend really erupted during the turn of the new millennium, and instead of fading away like most trends, it has proven its place in interior design history as it has grown and developed.

Taking inspiration from simple lives and stunning pieces of Eastern decorative items, bohemian décor is the ultimate way to achieve a relaxing, effortless, and yet still stunningly beautiful bedroom.

A stylish bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
Dreamcatchers are charming way to add texture and security to your bedroom (

This greyscale bohemian bedroom uses soft draping fabrics and effortless décor to create a sexy and effortless style, but keeps a minimal colour palette that is non offensive and chilled out.

A stylish room with a loft bed and bookshelves perfect for creating the ultimate bohemian bedroom.
Plants create a sense of living and growth in the bedroom (

A white background creates the prefect blank canvas for brighter pieces of décor. Bolder colours and embellished décor are amplified against soft and simple backdrops.

Styling a colorful bohemian bedroom.
More pigmented tones give the room a more structured colour palette (

Bolder colours, even neon tones, can still contribute to a softer bohemian style and is perfect style inspiration for style conscious teenagers and young adults.

Styling a bohemian bedroom with a tent and wooden floors.
Candles as lighting create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere (

True bohemian bedrooms should also take on the bohemian attitude to layout and function, not just décor for a true boho vibe. A simple mattress on the floor removes fuss and contributes to a simpler bedroom living style.

A bed styled with pom poms, perfect for creating the ultimate bohemian bedroom.
Pom poms are a tried and tested way to bring fun, texture, and charm to any bohemian room (

If you’re not tempted by bold colours and lots of contrasting and complementing tones, you can still achieve an effortless bohemian bedroom with a very simple white and cream colour palette. Break the rules you heard about not mixing cream and white, as this builds texture, and try to maximise the amount of light in your room to keep you uplifted.

A room with a lot of bookshelves and a bed, styled for the ultimate Bohemian bedroom.
A room filled with trinkets will tell a million stories (

But if you don’t mind a bit of clutter and want your bedroom to feel loved and lived-in, use it as a showcase for your collections of trinkets, soft furnishings, books, and décor you have amassed over years.

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A bedroom with a canopy bed and bookshelves styled for the ultimate bohemian vibe.
Mix rustic features with decorative bohemian pieces for a fantastic and relaxed vibe (

Don’t forget to trawl the internet and steal ideas from your friends on how you can create your own pieces to make your bohemian escape truly yours. Add a homemade piece to make it your own.

A bed with hanging lights for the ultimate bohemian bedroom styling.
Nothing says bohemian like twinkling fairy lights do! (

To keep to a more modest and refined colour palette, focus on one main print against a cooler and simple backdrop. Garner all the style benefits of block colours and beautiful prints, but in moderation so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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