Beautiful Bedroom Wall decoration Styles for DIY Enthusiasts

Bedroom wall decoration is almost a must-do for all homeowners because without it, you have an empty idle wall that rekindles the hospital room dejavu.

Though a minimalist may feel comfortable amid the plainness of idle walls, your master bedroom, whether small or large, can benefit from the beauty of one or two wall accents.

A bedroom with hardwood floors and a bed featuring wall decoration.

Embellishing any wall can help make a gloomy room livelier, and be the x-factor distinguishing your sleeping area from any other.

And you can do this in a million unique ways which is another reason to consider it. All you need is a few insights on how to.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table, featuring wall decoration.

A bedroom with yellow walls and decorative wall art.

More Reasons to Decorate

Décor is not only a way to engage your idle walls, it is also a chance to express your personality through art.

And if you’re all in, nothing can stop you from going ahead with your bedroom wall decoration project because anyone can implement this no matter their style or arrangement.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table featuring bedroom wall decoration.

No need to break the bank either just to add some decoration to a wall. You can use what you have or DIY if you’re working on tight budget.

Yes, you have to go this far because “you get what you give”— an empty wall can have a negative effect on mood. Ask yourself how long you spend in that bedroom. Is concrete is all you want to look at for the rest of your life?

A black and white bedroom with wall decoration.

And speaking of an entire lifetime, you’ll need a change in style, and wall décor is one of the cheapest makeovers.

5 Easy Bedroom Wall Decoration Tricks to Try

1. Sculpture on the wall

A bedroom with polka dots on the walls.

A mounted-on-the-wall sculpture can make you bedroom look more sophisticated. Consider something like and an animal head if you don’t like the idea of a human head looking at you while you’re asleep.

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2. Do the Mural Magic

A bedroom with a large painting on the wall.

The mural magic can help charm any visitor because they are (1) naturally conspicuous and attractive, and (2) they often cover a larger space which makes them impossible to ignore.

In well painted murals, you almost certainly notice something new each time you give it a long profound look which makes the right pick if you love challenges.

3. Creative molding on the wall

A bedroom with a large bed and a mirror on the wall, serving as a stylish wall decoration.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table, featuring wall decoration.

Creative milling or molding on the wall is a simple way to decorate your walls especially if you don’t want to invite other colors or wish to maintain a monochromatic theme.

One bedroom wall decoration idea is to add pre-molded wooden patterns or shapes that match or contrast perfectly with your existing theme.

4. Mirror on the wall

A modern bedroom with white walls and a white bed showcasing minimalistic decoration.

A larger-than-normal mirror on the wall is a bold and distinctive choice. It has to be bigger than your dressing mirror to serve a decorative role.

Mirrors can also reflect more light, and bring the illusion of more space into your small bedroom.

5. Recess into the wall and create bedroom bar/ bookshelf

A contemporary bedroom with rich brown walls and a spacious bed.

A bedroom with a creative wall decoration.

Building shelves that recess into the wall can create room to arrange wine and whisky bottles alongside some of your current reads.

And if you have enough space, you can add a chair and table nearby and create a décor-inspired bedroom office.


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