10 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

A frog chef showcasing 10 must-have outdoor kitchen accessories on a silver plate.

Cooking outdoors is neither cumbersome nor inefficient. All you need are some basic outdoor kitchen accessories, and you can have just the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Here are the top ten outdoor kitchen accessories you must include in your buying list.

1. Outdoor kitchen unit

It doesn’t make sense to have an outdoor kitchen when you have to get all the supplies from indoors. Not to forget the trouble of fetching an extra item you might have forgotten to bring.

An outdoor kitchen needs to have sufficient and practical kitchen units for all functional purposes. The kitchen unit should have ample storage space to keep the cookware and serveware. The kitchen unit should also have an integrated worktop. A specially designed kitchen unit made of stainless steel is ideal for an outdoor kitchen as it can withstand weather and sun exposure.

2. Sink

A well-equipped outdoor kitchen needs to have an outdoor sink setup. Washing and preparing food will require water supply and proper drainage. For the best experience, you can install an outdoor kitchen sink with hot and cold water.

Having a sink will ensure that you can keep things clean and wash at convenience. You wouldn’t need to carry water in and out of the house, or look for make-shift arrangements with the garden hose.

3. Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is incredibly useful in an outdoor kitchen space. Anyone who has used a warming drawer knows that it is practically indispensable when you’re hosting a house party.

With an outdoor warming drawer, you can keep the side dishes warm while you are grilling the meat for the guests. You can also keep pre-prepared dishes warm in the warmer drawer while you wait for the guests to arrive. Take our word on this. You will feel blessed to have a warming drawer, especially when you host winter barbecue sessions.

4. Barbecue

An outdoor kitchen without a barbecue is like a fancy cabinet without drawers. When you are cooking outdoors, you want to light some fire, smell the smoke and relish some juicy meat from the best grills. Without a barbecue, there’s just no point cooking outside.

You can choose from a variety of grill options – charcoal grills for the authentic smoky flavors, gas grills for ease of use and quick cooking, and electric grills for least smoke and utmost convenience.

5. Outdoor cooling appliances

A small outdoor fridge in your outdoor kitchen setup is again a very practical accessory which will facilitate your cooking preparations significantly. If you are a popular party host, you should consider some additional cooling appliances for your outdoor kitchen. Having an ice maker, a wine cooler or a beverage center can definitely make your summer parties eternally hit. You can also try building yourself a kegerator at home.

6. Dishwasher

You may think that an outdoor dishwasher is just superfluous. Or, you may consider it an absolute necessity. It all depends on how frequently you are going to be cooking outdoors, and how elaborate your party’s going to be.

If you are amongst those who use the best wares for dinner parties, irrespective of the fact that the table is outdoors, you ought to have a dedicated patio dishwasher. This will not only make handling and washing the dishes much more convenient, but also shatter-free.

7. All-weather Canopy

Outdoor cooking spaces are always at the mercy of the weather. No matter how often you check the weather forecasts, you can never satisfactorily rule out sudden outpours and wind.

A good quality outdoor canopy can save your outdoor kitchen from rain, sun and wind. If you have installed a barbecue, you must have a hood to protect the grill from adverse weather conditions.

8. Lighting

When you invest in a fully-functional outdoor kitchen, you don’t just want to limit your fun cooking sessions to day-time. Cooking outdoors in the evenings is incredibly satisfying, especially when you consider a warmly lit ambiance and dining space.

Of course, you will also need proper lighting on the cooking station and worktop, to ensure safety and adequate illumination. A great solution is fixing task lights which give focused illumination and do not meddle with the ambiance of the rest of your space.

9. Trash and recycling bins

It is always a good decision to keep a trash bin at your patio. The trash can make clean-up quick and convenient. If you can fix a separate recycling and compost bin for your outdoor space, life could become much simpler. You wouldn’t have to look through the garbage and sort the bottles from leftovers and compostable items later on.

10. Patio seating

When you’re having guests over, you want to make sure they are comfortable and enjoying the party. If you have a nice cozy seating space close to the outdoor kitchen, the luxury will surely be appreciated. There are many options of low-seating weather-resistant patio furniture readily available in the market.

If you don’t mind splurging a little, you can also install a pergola above the seating area. Otherwise, you can just buy a simple patio umbrella or sunshade.

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