Ensuring Productivity When WFH

A woman and her daughter ensuring productivity by working on a laptop at home.

If like many people across the globe you currently work from home and will be for the foreseeable future, having the right setup is essential. Where it is not feasible to work long term from your bed, sofa or dining table, replicating the work environment at home is the best way to ensure productivity doesn’t suffer. Here are some ways that you can maximise your approach to WFH and stay just as productive as being at the office.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment

Having the right environment to work in is vital and this can be achieved in a number of ways. As most homes won’t have the benefit of air conditioning to keep a cool, productive temperature, you can ensure your radiators are put to good use. The best vertical radiators in the UK have valves to regulate the temperature, so you can keep it just right during the colder months and turned off during the summer. Ideally, you’ll be in a room with access to fresh air so ensure there is adequate ventilation so as not to feel too stuffy. The lighting in the room also should be adequate and if possible, position yourself facing a window rather than having any glare from the sides onto a screen.

Invest in a Desk and Ergonomic Office Chair

Whilst using a laptop allows you to work from anywhere, ideally you want a good desk to work from. You don’t need to invest in a large desk that could be tempting to fill with clutter, instead get a small size desk that provides enough space to work and won’t overwhelm the room you place it in. To go with it, using an office chair is recommended and your back, neck and posture will thank you later. This is important as you will be sitting for several hours throughout the day and you wouldn’t sit on a stool or uncomfortable chair at your office for very long if you had the choice. Look for ergonomic chairs that will promote a good posture and are adjusted to the right height to work from.

Avoid Distractions

WFH comes with plenty of distractions, even if you are the only person at home. From mobile phone notifications to regular trips to the fridge, keep a productive routine will ensure you’re not wasting any time. Try to keep your routine as similar to what it was in an office environment and take allocated breaks too. This will minimise regular trips away from your desk and choose to put your phone notifications on silent to help with this too.

Take Regular Screen Breaks

Similar to the advice you would receive within an office environment, taking regular breaks away from a screen is recommended. This will help to avoid eye-strain and headaches from staring too long at a glowing screen and works hand-in-hand with having sufficient lighting. When it’s darker during the day, especially during the winter months, ensure you have an adequate main light as well as a desk lamp to help overcome this. If you normally take an hour lunch break at the office, still make sure to take this at home to split the day up, even if it is tempting to work through as you’re at home. Take this time to move around, stretch your legs and even exercise where possible to help with circulation.

Getting into a good routine when WFH is essential and ensures that your employer trusts that you are being productive and can see that from your work. Where possible, have a separate room to work in or home office, but where you cannot, dedicate a corner of a room that keeps work time and leisure time separate.

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