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Not only is the concept of mixing patterns and color fashionable, but combining textures has become an interesting new way to create a vibrant atmosphere in the home. Mixing textures can be done in the structure of the home or with smaller elements,such as tables, chairs and countertops. Although this is an individualized process, there are some tried-and-true combinations that will make your home shine.

Combination One: Wood and Metal

Casa de Pego in Comporta, Portugal
Casa de Pego in Comporta, Portugal

This combination is one for those who enjoy and industrial look but still seek a slightly softer aura. Metal has become a more popular choice among renovating home owners who want something durable, polished looking and versatile for design and purpose. Wood,on the other hand, allows itself to a more homey atmosphere with the feeling of life and warmth while providing some resistance to wear. When used correctly, it can give the sense of space in a small area. The mixture of these two textures provide a warm, sleek environment that can be used in different decor schemes.
Example: metal tables and wooden chairs

Combination Two: Stone and WoodHome-in-Tollegno-06-800x533
These two have similar traits while providing an enriching variation for the eyes to see. They both provide an earthly quality that grounds one spiritually and physically. Stone and wood are lasting and fairly versatile together, being utilized to create an open, warm space or a sophisticated, modern home.These materials can also be used in a variety of ways, such as countertops, walls, floors and furniture, and even make for a great outdoor space.
Example: stone focal wall and wooden shelves/ floor

Patio Design Ideas for Using Outdoor Furnishings


Combination Three: Stone and TileTransformation-of-a-studio-into-a-loft-07-800x533
Both of these textures give way to a modern, clean atmosphere. There are virtually many options that can fit any taste depending on the use of a neutral tone or mixed hues. Basically any room can use this combination, although it provides a great focal point for the kitchen, living room and dining room.
Example: stone wall and tile floor


Whichever combination you may choose, it is certain that it’ll not only create a unique home but a great focal point. You can use other combinations that you find match well, or use these popular choices to help redesign your home.



photo source: http://www.homedsgn.com


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