Top 17 Smart Gabion Wall Ideas To Enhance Your Space

A gabion wall is made from steel cages filled with stone. Fittingly, the term “gabion” is derived from the Italian word for cage. Historically, landscapers use them as retaining walls as their heavy weight is ideal for holding the surrounding earth in place.

More recently, the uses of gabion walls have expanded in a creative and gorgeous application. Here are a few fantastic images.


Creative Outdoor Uses

In addition, gabion walls can be at attractive feature wall.
Use gabion styling to surround your mailbox.
What better material is there for an outdoor shower than natural stone?

Exterior Home Applications

Or, you can use enhance the outside of your home.
Re-think your home’s exterior.
These gorgeous walls will last for years.
Build a sturdy gabion walled structure.
Do you see the beauty?
Use gabion walls as support beams to enhance the beauty of the design of your storage buildings or barns.

Planter Boxes and Container Gardens

Build a gabion wall to create an updated twist on a classic patio planter.


Upgrade from basic to gabion styling for your container gardens.

Gabion Wall Retaining Walls

Add some pizzazz to your backyard retaining walls.
Or, combine a gabion wall with a retaining wall for stunning effect..
Because of the mix of modern metals and classic stone, gabion walls are a popular way to enhance your patio.

Interior Applications

Of course, you can think outside the box and use gabion walls to enhance your interior space.
Re-think your home materials.

Water Features in the Garden

Create a gabion wall water feature.
Of course, you can add wood to make a more organic feeling.
Or, build sturdy and decorative patio steps.

Gabion walls are a gorgeous mix that’s intriguing. Man-made cold steel mixed with rocks dug straight from Mother Earth. They combine to make a sturdy and long-lasting material to add beauty and serve a practical purpose.

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