The Pros and Cons of Using Wallpaper Over Paint

A comparison between wallpaper and paint options for interior decor.

Interior walls play a significant role in defining the whole design theme of your house. It’s not just the layout but also the paint or the wallpaper on the walls that can make a marked difference to your interiors. Now, when picking between the two, namely paint or wallpaper, most people tend to prefer one over the other.

Choosing between the two shouldn’t be a decision based on your preference alone. There are other factors which you should consider as well. In this post, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of mural wallpapers and paints that will help you to make the right decision:

A black and white living room with wallpaper.

Paint Your Walls

Most people prefer paint because it is a more traditional medium than mural wallpaper. When thinking of changing the look of the house, most people always immediately turn to paint. While paint is a more traditional medium, the following are the different pros and cons associated with the usage of paints:

Pros of Using Paint


  • Inexpensive – Paint is far cheaper than wallpaper like brick wallpaper but it depends upon the quality of the chosen paint. However, while some satin finishes might be extremely expensive, not all of them are, so you can easily find the perfect paint you want.
  • Buildable Color Scheme – Color schemes are very easy to build with the use of paint, unlike mural wallpaper. Most paint companies function on this basis and offer different shades of paints. In fact, the paint color sample sheet is designed with the color scheme in mind, allowing greater flexibility to mix and match.
  • Easy To Correct Mistakes – Mistakes in paint application are easier to correct and identify as compared to wallpaper application. This means that you won’t be annoyed by any bubbles. For a DIY job, paint is easier to use and correct mistakes as compared to wallpaper.
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A room with a teal striped wall finished with wallpaper.


Cons of Using Paint


  • Requires a lot of Prep Work – With paint, the surface area has to be prepared properly before any paint can be applied. This means that the wall will have to be cleaned and primed before it’s ready. This is required for all the walls that will be painted, thereby adding to the overall cost of the paint job.
  • Limiting in Design – Designs and patterns with paints are rather limited and you will have to find the right professionals, unlike with wallpaper. For that, all you need is some marble wallpaper and you are good to go. Textured paint is also not always advisable since people tend to get tired of it easily. With paint, color themes are great but any other design or texture can be a major issue.


Using Wallpaper

Wallpapers are loved by homeowners because they are extremely versatile, particularly when using mural wallpaper or brick wallpaper. Their fast results make most homeowners very happy. However, while this fact might be true, the following are a few different pros and cons that are associated with the use of wallpapers:

A living room with a palm leaf wallpaper, exploring the choice between wallpaper and paint for interior design.

Pros of Using Wallpaper


  • Durable – In comparison to paint, mural wallpaper tends to be more durable and can be used in any room, including children’s rooms. Most painted walls tend to lose their finish or sheen in high-traffic areas. Wallpaper is not impacted by this factor and can last for years without deteriorating in quality.
  • A Lot of Variety – Variety in terms of design, pattern and theme is available more readily for wallpaper than for paint. You can even get textured brick wallpaper, which creates a great visual effect with ease. The best part is that unlike textured paint, wallpaper is easy to replace and won’t end up looking dated.
  • Great to Cover Wall Defects – Defects in your walls, such as wall stains, kid’s drawings and more can easily be covered with mural wallpaper. Above all, wallpaper doesn’t require as much prepping as paint needs. Additionally, the condition of the wall does not negatively impact wallpaper application.
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A 3D rendering of a living room with furniture and a TV, discussing the choice between wallpaper and paint.
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Cons of Using Wallpaper


  • Cannot Tolerate Moisture – One major disadvantage of wallpaper is that it does not perform well when exposed to high moisture levels. Additionally, old wallpaper with moisture damage can begin to rot and grow mold. This can be, at times, difficult to detect. However, if you’re aware of the age of the wallpaper and the moisture levels in your home, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Difficult to Remove– As compared to paint, removing wallpaper can be a bit difficult, based on the adhesive used. This can be an issue when you get bored of the wallpaper in your home. Removal also needs to be carefully done with the use of chemicals as you need to make sure that it doesn’t damage your walls.


As you can see, both paints and wallpapers have their pros and cons but, wallpaper is definitely a better option, particularly in terms of usage, effects, durability and coverage of defects.

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