What’s the Best Restaurant in Canada?

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The Canadian culinary scene is as diverse as its geographic and cultural landscape and traversing the expanse from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean might make one feel as though they had visited multiple countries without ever taking out a passport. Take a journey across Canada to explore some of the best chefs and restaurants in each of the lower provinces and prepare your taste buds for everything from urban sophistication to expertly-crafted old-world recipes.

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Steeped in both the colonial maritime tradition and a proud culture of self-reliance, Chef Jeremy Charles is both a lifelong fisherman and the masterful head chef and co-owner of Raymond’s Restaurant. Alongside sommelier Jeremy Bonia, the dynamic duo won En Route’s “Best New Restaurant in Canada” at two different restaurants. In addition to Raymond’s, there are several more award-winning establishments throughout the region, and VEGA Direct is proud to help chefs and business owners stay focused on delivering an unforgettable experience to customers throughout Canada.

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With a firm footing in French culture and cuisine, Quebec is considered among the top foodie destinations by Conde Nast and food connoisseurs all over the world. Jean-Luc Boulay, the head Chef at Le Saint-Amour, was originally from France and has been racking up accolades and awards at Saint-Amour over the past three decades since he and Jacques Fortier established the restaurant in 1979.


Moving into the Upland, Ontario boasts a diversity of cultures and the restaurant scene reflects this with award-winning restaurants offering everything from Japanese and Vietnamese to Italian cuisine. In 2017, the No. 1 award-winning spot for best restaurant in Canada went to Alo, in downtown Toronto, and their take on French cuisine is giving the Québécois a run for their money.

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A plate of food on a table in the best restaurant in Canada.


Like other cities throughout Canada, Winnipeg boasts a rich and diverse culture with businesses and restaurant owners from all over the world. With a fair amount of territory bordering Hudson Bay, this region still enjoys a healthy seafood trade and is best known for pickerel dishes. Segovia Tapas Bar is a local favorite serving up Spanish-style cuisine along with plates that nod to both the French palate and to their US neighbors to the south.


Though the Land of the Living Skies may seem off the beaten path for some travelers, there are several places to go for fine dining throughout the region. Make time to explore this region by choosing a destination like Rabbit Hill B&B, a bed and breakfast in Stewart Valley that boasts a gourmet dining experience in an elegant atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy the region’s famous stunning sunsets and northern lights during your stay.


One of Justin Leboe’s most recent awards is the 2016 Most Innovative Chef award by En Route; this is after his first restaurant, Pigeonhole, won En Route’s Top New Restaurant 2015 as well. This restaurant attempts to provide a modern, fresh take on all cuisines rather than being pigeonholed into any particular category, and the culture of innovation and quality at all of his establishments provides the discerning foodie with a constantly changing menu of novel and eclectic dishes.

British Columbia

Generations of British Columbia residents may have experienced Canada in a much different way than their Atlantic coast counterparts but they are still deeply connected to an award-winning heritage of French cuisine that has served as the lifeblood of Canada for hundreds of years. BC also welcomes a vibrant and extensive Asian culture as well, and several restaurants from Japanese to Indian to Thai regularly recognized for excellence and innovation. Hawksworth Restaurant boasts an impressive record of awards, impeccable service, and an exquisite menu that has garnered this restaurant international attention.

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A plate of food on a black surface at the best restaurant in Canada.
Hawksworth Restaurant


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