Ways to Use a Canvas Print

A canvas print of a church.

A canvas print is one of the most versatile wall hangings around. Thanks to the reputable companies that offer custom printing on high-quality canvas, a canvas print can be just about anything. You could use the canvas medium to elevate a personal photograph to the quality of fine art, for instance, or you could print that more traditional sort of art itself on the same quality canvas. But, to some of us, all of these choices might be bewildering. It’s intimidating to think of just how many different ways there are to use a great canvas print.

Let’s take a step back. Here, we’ll celebrate a few simple ways to use a custom canvas print to accomplish something great in your home, your personal life, or both. We’ll talk about broad categories and given specific examples. Let’s get inspired! Here are four great ways to use a canvas print.

Celebrate a friendship or family connection

Having personal photographs around your home is a wonderful and comforting thing. But let’s face it: A 3-by-5 photo on photo paper isn’t the most stunning statement piece. Blowing up photos to larger sizes can be expensive, and framed photographs can look boring and even stuffy. How you display photos matters.

Here’s your alternative: get a favorite personal photograph printed on canvas. On a canvas, your photo of friends and family will look like “real” art. It will be worthy of a place on your wall. You’ll get a more beautiful space, but you won’t have to give up that personalized touch.

Commemorate a vacation

When we go sightseeing, we tend to take photographs. These days, though, those photos usually end up on social media. And there they sit, to be “liked” and “shared” but rarely enjoyed in a meaningful and enduring way.

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Why not get one of your vacation photographs printed on canvas? You can choose a great shot of architecture or nature. On canvas, your photograph will look like the sort of thing that is sold in art stores or hangs on the walls of classy restaurants or hotels. But it will be personal, too. It will be your photo, one taken on your vacation. The combination of high-end look with personal meaning is exactly the sort of thing that canvas prints were made for.

The Brooklyn Bridge at night as a canvas print in a living room.
canvas new york

Add real art to your walls

Canvas is the material that professional artists often choose to paint on. It’s a popular choice for art prints, too. And it will serve that purpose very well for you, too.

Assuming you or the print shop has the legal right to do so, you can take this opportunity to recreate a favorite piece of art on a canvas that suits your personal space. Or perhaps you could commission a favorite artist to create a digital painting or drawing that you could then get printed up on canvas for your real-world viewing pleasure.

Custom canvas prints can make your personal photographs look like professional art, but they can also be used for that professional art itself. Why not look at your options?

An abstract canvas print hangs above a couch in a living room.

Give the gift of a great wall hanging

You can do countless things with a great canvas print — but you have only so much room on your walls. That’s OK: You can share the love. Canvas prints make beautiful and meaningful gifts, especially when the thing that you’ve chosen to print is something that has meaning to the recipient.

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So why not select a beautiful photo or piece of art and have a print made for someone who you care about? You could even get the same photo of a friend or family group printed multiple times: once for you to hang in your home, and once each for the other people in the photo!

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