What to Know about Buying a Cottage in Winter

Buying a snowy hilltop cottage.

While it’s widely accepted that the greatest time to sell a cottage is in spring, that doesn’t imply the real estate market shuts down for the rest of the year.

Property is purchased and sold all year, and many people prefer to participate in the real estate market throughout different seasons.

While the winter season is generally seen as a slower period for the property market, this has become less so in recent years. Huntsville real estate agents have noted that winter can actually be a very great time to purchase a cottage.

While there are some hurdles to selling property in the winter, there are a few unexpected positives as well.

If you’re considering of advertising your cottage this winter, here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Buyers who are eager to purchase

While many individuals enjoy going for a drive in the spring, summer, and even fall, and readily spend their time outside travelling for things like inspecting properties, considerably fewer do so in the winter. This implies that although there may be less traffic passing by your property. However, it also screens out “just browsing” customers and brings in motivated buyers who are more likely to be actively looking for a new cottage.

Buyers may be relocating for job, expanding their family, or simply desiring a new change of scenery as soon as possible. Whatever their motivation, these winter buyers are frequently significantly more serious about acquiring right away, resulting in a faster turnaround on the sale of your cottage.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is extremely crucial when it comes to selling your property, especially in this digital age when your cottage’s outside photo is frequently what determines whether someone clicks on your listing or scrolls right past it.

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During the warmer months, landscaping, such as well-kept lawns and flourishing gardens, may improve curb appeal. During the winter, though, all of these selling features are buried behind the snow. Trees and plants are frequently reduced to dead limbs, and all colour schemes have been wiped away by a blanket of white.

Snow, on the other hand, might be a blessing in disguise! Hide unsightly imperfections and bad landscaping. However, there are things you can do to boost your cottage’s winter attractiveness. Maintaining your driveways and any other approaches to your cottage may demonstrate that the property is well-kept. Consider using outside plants that stay green in the winter, such as Wintergreen Boxwoods, to add colour to your yard.

Quiet Season

While winter might be a quiet season for many businesses, this may help you with your relocation. Many real-estate-related firms, such as cottage movers, landscapers, stagers, and renovators, may not only provide you more undivided attention and speedier service during certain periods, but they may also offer lower rates.

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