8 Hacks to Finding Good Property in London

A red double decker bus drives past Big Ben in London, showcasing the vibrant city's good property.

London can be deservedly called one of the world’s greatest places for living. According to stats, this city is one of the most multicultural ones out there. Over a third of the population here was born in a foreign country. And there are plenty of things that make it so tempting for people from different corners of the globe. Some of the things that drive so many people to London include its vibrant culture, diversity, rich history, and high quality of life. Of course, it also attracts young generations with top-level educational opportunities.

But it has some drawbacks too. Namely, finding good property for rent (especially as a student) in London can turn out to be a massive challenge. It takes time to find the right location and offer. The property is also pretty pricey here. And the best options disappear in seconds. But hard doesn’t mean impossible. In this guide, we will share with you a few helpful hacks for finding good properties for rent as a student!

Back-Up Your Studies

First of all, you have to know that discovering the best opportunities takes time, especially in large cities like London. As a student, you might not have plenty of it. So, what you can do is stock up on patience and time. Ideally, find a trusted study partner like WritePaper.com if your academic year has already started and you’ve got schoolwork to do. This service employs professional academic helpers who will get your back with your tasks while you’re busy with other things.

This simple trick will help you prevent missing deadlines and scoring low grades for your assignments. And you will save enough time to search for the best opportunities. So, don’t neglect it.

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Define Your Budget Early

As a student, one of the main things you’ll likely pay attention to is the cost of the property. According to recent studies, the average rental price for studios in London is between £730 and £1,358. The average cost of a one-bedroom property is between £925 and £1,782.

The price for each particular offer is determined by a variety of factors, including location, size, and other features. Needless to say, it can be pretty hard to browse options having no idea of your needs and budget. So, the second thing you should do is define how much money you can spend on rent monthly. Knowing this will help you filter out the right options and reduce the time you’ll spend on your search.

Get Clear on “Zones”

If it’s your first time in London, the first thing you have to know is that the city is divided into “zones.” In total, there are six of them. Zones 1 and 2 are located right at the heart of the city. These are what you can see in movies, so they can be fun to stay at because most of the top attractions can be found here. However, you really want to get further from them if you don’t want to fork out a fortune for your accommodation.

Zone 6 would be the cheapest in terms of the property. However, it’s basically the outskirts of the city, so there might be additional problems with transportation. In any case, the tip is to take your time to research all the zones to see which ones work better for you.

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Do Lots of Research

Before you start browsing for available options, you want to get very specific about what exactly you are looking for. You already know your budget and the difference between different zones. Now research the distance to your school and dorm where your friends might live. Also, carefully research the transportation means and costs to ensure that you will stay within your monthly budget.

Also, pay attention to the infrastructure nearby. Define your needs and ensure that the selected neighborhood will have everything you need within walking distance.

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Use Large Property Hunting Sites to Get a Starting Point

Most searches start on sites like Zoopla, Rightmove, and Gumtree. These are the three largest websites where you can browse houses and flats for rent in London. You should do the same – get on these websites to see what options are there and get a starting point for your search. However, don’t make the same mistake as many beginners and rely ONLY on these sites. The thing is that you can secure a property through them. But, most ads listed there are already rented or outdated.

We recommend using such sites to find the right neighborhoods that are within your price range.

Find a Local Agent

Now, here is a winning tip. Once you discover your ideal neighborhood(s) through research and property hunt websites listed earlier, get one step ahead and find a local agent who works within that area. Agents who work in specific neighborhoods can connect you to available properties even before they get listed online. This trick can really help you hit the jackpot and rent your ideal flat or house with less stress and competition. It can reduce the time you spend on this too. Finally, you should keep in mind that a good agent can actually help you save on housing costs.

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Go for a Walk

Another awesome trick that should help is to go for a walk in selected neighborhoods. First of all, doing so will help you get more acquainted with the area and define whether it feels right to you. But, most importantly, going on such walks can also help you discover more options that are not listed anywhere.

While taking a tour, look for “To Let” signs on properties around. These signs mean that the property is available for rent. This trick helps many people to find their ideal accommodations. After all, plenty of older landlords own excellent properties in London but either have no time to list them online or just aren’t used to it.

Act Fast

Finally, one last tip we have for students looking to rent a house or flat in London is to act super fast once they discover an option that works well for them. It doesn’t matter if you find it online or by a “to let” sign, be sure that good property doesn’t remain vacant for too long in this city. According to experts, the London rental market is incredibly fast-paced. The demand for good accommodations is huge, so good options are taken very quickly. So, if you don’t want to lose your chance, you should make the decision fast. Otherwise, you risk ending up compromising the quality or price. Not to mention how much of your precious time you can lose.

This is basically why you want to do all the research in advance.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to hunting for houses and flats for rent, it can be incredibly time and energy-consuming, especially for young students and especially in such large and lively cities and London. Securing a good property for yourself here (without paying a fortune for it) can be hard. But not impossible.

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Hopefully, the tips and tricks from this article will help you get on the right track with your search. Use them to ensure success!

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