Maximum Security: Protecting The Sanctity of Your Home

A black door protecting the sanctity, adorned with two potted plants.

The doors and windows in our home are just like our eyes: they allow light and air inside, making the place less dreary. Imagine a home without doors and windows. It would feel like you are trapped in an enclosed area, a home without warmth.

The design and materials of doors have evolved since its inception, and modern technology has allowed manufacturers to incorporate a level of security into it.

The importance of security in your home

A home may protect you from the elements of nature, but it cannot protect you from a person who is out to commit robbery or even murder. The safest way would be to increase the security detail of your home, deterring potential crime from happening. A higher level of security installation would make a potential thief think twice about entering your property, as compared to a seemingly unguarded one. In an adolescence sense, the right security doors will ensure that they do not wander out on their own.

A gate protecting the sanctity of a space, made from wrought iron with a wooden door.

Materials that the doors are made out of

In the market today, there are various materials being used for doors in an indoor or outdoor area. For indoor areas, the bedroom or bathroom doors may be made out of wood, acrylic, glass, or even metal.

These doors are usually cheaper than the main door as the materials used are not reinforced or decorative in nature, unless requested. For the outdoor area, the main door plays an important part in the security level, as it is the first point of entry into the home and it can be made out of solid wood, aluminium or even heavy-duty steel.

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Privacy screen

The advancement of modern technology has allowed us to incorporate additional features into our doors. There are companies who deal with security doors in Northern Suburbs Melbourne that can install a privacy mesh into the door to allow a higher level of privacy.

A black mesh screen protecting the sanctity of a palm tree in the background.

This ensures that you are able to see the outside of your home, but it limits what an outsider can view inside your home, and this offers you another level of security as a potential thief may not be able to pre-assess if they are any valuables in your house. A screen also prevents unwanted insects from flying in

Decorative doors

The modern doors of today can be imbued with different designs such as: floral, luxury, abstract, modern, Gothic, Victorian, etc. This customisation makes your door stands out from the rest, which might be suited for someone who wishes to combine security with beauty.

For customised designs, it will definitely cost more than a standard template design which has been designed for the masses.

Enquire with the company on what options they have on offer. They could include: powder coating service, hot-dip galvanising, three point locking systems, pet entry doors with mesh, added security bars, digital lock, etc. Know what you are getting before committing to an offer, as some companies will offer you a really attractive pricing, but the door/gate may not be galvanised. This will cause rust to form easily and it will be unsightly in the long run.

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