4 Factors to consider when booking a vacation Home Away Cape May Nj

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Spectacular Cape May in New Jersey is home to over three thousand four hundred people. Tourism supports 60% of the economy. Local homeowners have made excellent use of this opportunity and put up their properties as vacation home rentals for tourists from across the globe to enjoy their stay.

Vacation Home In Cape May

If you plan to visit Cape May, you can select from an endless sea of Cape May rentals to find suitable accommodations that cater to your travel needs and specifications. There are modern cottages, traditional family homes, quirky studio apartments, and beachfront homes that offer total value for your money. Many homes incorporate a stunning Victorian era architecture with specular buttresses, arch doors, spirals, and more.

To make the task of choosing the best possible holiday home for your family or solo trip to Cape May, browse through these points to make an informed decision.

Book Early

Most avid travelers would already know that booking accommodation early can help save a considerable amount of time, patience, energy, and money. The vacation rental deals are more lucrative, house options more diverse, and less competition from other travelers. Also, booking early during the peak summer travel season is a good idea as most of the Cape May properties book fast at this time.

Also, if you book in the off-season (typically from September to April), you may get cheaper accommodations because tourists are few in the region. You can admire the stunning architecture, walk along the two-mile-long promenade, and dine at famous restaurants like Lucky Bones Backwater Grille and The Lobster House without rushing through the crowds. That being said, many people enjoy visiting Cape May, New Jersey, in its peak season (June to August) as well.

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There are several areas to stay in Cape May for a picture-perfect vacation with breathtaking sea views, local life, and a calming ambiance. You will be within walking distance of some prominent landmarks and eye-catching sights. For example, you can explore the famous, historic World War II Lookout Tower, Cold Spring Village, etc.

Furthermore, you could also stay in homes near the renowned Cape May Point lighthouse. This location is also incredible, offering you fabulous beachfront homes lining the shore, enabling you priceless sea views from any of the windows, balconies, or patios. 

Type of property

The most exciting thing about booking vacation homes in Cape May is that the options are endless. Tourists can look through hundreds of beautiful cottages, beachside homes, town apartments, etc., before selecting the best holiday home for their needs.

Here are some popular accommodation options most travelers prefer in this fantastic New Jersey town.

Beach homes

There are scores of beautiful homes on the famous Cape May beaches, offering magnificent ocean views to its guests. Depending on your travel group and budget, you can pick local beachfront homes with two or more bedrooms to accommodate everyone.

Pet-friendly cottages

Many folks love traveling with their pets to new places worldwide. Several of them turn up in Cape May, New Jersey, staying comfortably at one of the vacation rentals that easily accommodates their furry friends. In short, it is like a home away from home for your anxious pet, easing travel irritation and fears with its homely atmosphere. However, note that only about ten percent of vacation homes in the region allow pets, so ensure to find suitable accommodation in advance if traveling with your pets.

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Residential neighborhood homes

Locals offer stunning homes in safe localities to families who wish to explore Cape May. The sense of security, gorgeous house, friendly neighbors, and a welcoming vibe make tourists with children instantly comfortable in their holiday home.

Historic homes

Cape May offers tourists the opportunity to stay in historical places, such as The Abbey, a mindblowing gothic villa with nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms. The property easily accommodates twenty-five people at a time. However, note that places like these may not allow pets due to their priceless historical value.

Trust a reputable rental agency

Booking via novice or brand new Cape May rentals might be unwise, especially for your first trip, as many risks are involved. The agency may not have the essential experience or platform to make the process easy for you or may lack proper communication skills.

Therefore, consider using a Cape May vacation rental platform with at least a couple of years of experience, offering a vast number of vacation homes advertised by local homeowners on their website. Besides allowing renters and homeowners to communicate and book directly, these companies have in-depth knowledge of Cape May areas, current real estate trends and rates, most desirable locations, and other details that can make your trip more exciting. Also, they charge no additional fees like most other booking platforms do.

So, find a reliable, reputable, and licensed local directory to find and book the best possible vacation home for your Cape May adventure. It can make your stay incredibly comfortable and memorable, ensuring you return for a second trip in no time!

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