Choose among different vacation homes for your Riviera Maya Holiday

A bird is flying over a beach in Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya is a popular destination for North American travelers. Amongst its many scenic attractions, is its popularity for snorkeling and scuba diving at its legendary underwater museum, as well as the thrilling swimming in the cenotes or underwater swimming holes. The thrill of its eco-themed park and the bohemian Tulum is also a reason to make that your destination. But even with all these, the problem of deciding where to stay can burden a first-time traveler to Riviera Maya.  For this reason, Luxury Retreats has put together a choice of homes to help those looking to get a more homely experience.

An aerial view of Tulum, Riviera Maya.

Why settle for a vacation home?

Unlike the hotel experience, vacation homes offer extra benefits like extra space. On most occasions, people would enjoy traveling as a group but the cost of getting hotel bookings could be a little unfavorable. In such instances, a vacation home does serve as a good alternative. Given its ability to accommodate more, the extra amount of money saved can go towards experiencing more throughout the course of the trip. 

In addition, the privacy that comes with it allows for a quiet and serene experience that is safe and allows you to be yourself. For instance, you can get to cook for yourself if you wish. The options for entertainment are also more.  You could walk into your patio or pool as you please, or experience the private view of the morning sun as you tan away. 

It gets even lit with a personalized chef and an accompanying household staff to lift the bulk for you throughout the vacation. No need to worry about the chores while on holiday, someone else can surely take that up for you. If need be, a babysitter can also be arranged to get you to unwind for a few hours.

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A Riviera Maya waterfall in the middle of a lush jungle.

Choosing a vacation home in Riviera Maya

If you have settled for vacation homes, then it is time to get the best you could get out of it. Here are a few things to help you make the right decision.


Work within your budget for a comfortable stay


Knowing your budget will help you at this stage. Vacation rentals in Riviera Maya are priced from $400 per night to as high as $10000 per night. With over 100 selections to pick from, it does help to know what to expect with the different packages. The Casa Lulu goes for $400 per night and comes with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a capacity to host 8 guests. Located in the Tulum neighborhood, there are a lot of outdoor activities to add to the indoor serenity. With a few hundred bucks on top of that, you could scale up with more bedrooms and bathrooms which allows for more guests. If you are looking to go large, the Corazon Magica del Mar Estate attracts an asking price of $10500 per night, with 39 bedrooms and 39 baths, with the capacity to take more than 16 guests.

A Riviera Maya beach with lounge chairs and palm trees.


The necessary amenities and capacity


While the price may seem to affect the capacity a home can take or the available amenities, sometimes even the high priced homes may be low capacity or even contain fewer amenities. For example, the Naiik which goes for $1700 per night only beats the Casa Lulu that goes for $400 per night with its extra bathroom but with the same hosting capacity. While that may not seem like a game changer, to someone else it could be. 

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Therefore it is important to share your preferences and get the best deals shared with you before settling on just the price. Go to the specifics of the facilities and services you need, say a chef, swimming pool, spa, tennis court, fitness center, and the beach among others.

A Riviera Maya beach with thatched umbrellas and a volleyball court.


Proximity to your destination attractions


At the end of the day, what you are after is to enjoy your destination to the fullest. This means a vacation home that gives you easy access to the rich lifestyle and attraction points of the destination. For most vacation rentals, this will already be factored in but sometimes a good search and an extra coin could offer you the perfect choice.

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