Why People Over 60s Are Seeking Out Solo Travelling

A solo traveler is taking a selfie on a bridge in Budapest.

There is no need to hold off on touring the world until you discover the ideal travel buddy. Nowadays, many people prefer solo travelling because they are free to travel whenever and wherever they like, without having to find someone with similar preferences. When you are still in the productive years, you might be too occupied for arranging a trip on your own, however, when you have retired, you have all the time in the world. That is the principal reason why people are seeking out holidays for solo travellers over 60 Australia. Besides that, these are the other reasons why solo travelling is popular among people over 60s.  

Farewell to loneliness

Older people are more likely to experience loneliness due to disengagement from social life. If they remain in this situation, this will only be a disadvantage which leads to developing negative impacts on their well-being, such as hypertension, anxiety, and higher levels of cholesterol. On the other hand, if they get out of their room and go on a tour, they can bid farewell to their feeling of loneliness. They can stop being confined within the four walls and enjoy the unexplored bliss and exquisite beauty of Magnetic Island, or they can join the crowd to be impressed by an outstanding show in the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. The experience can be one of their ways to get out of loneliness and treasure their senior years.

Meet new people

Although the title of the journey is “solo”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always be alone during the trip. Along the way, they will talk with other travellers and make new friends. They might have planned their itinerary alone, but once they meet someone else who also has a similar tour plan, they will likely explore the city together in a small group. It will add more fun because they can learn about each other’s cultures and exchange so many travel stories. They may also get recommendations from their previous trip, so they can add them to their bucket list for their next solo tour.

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No plan is required!

Arranging a solo trip does not automatically force you to establish the daily itinerary all alone. If you are not confident to create your plan because you are not familiar with the destination, you can also take a tour package for solo travellers. Some tour provider offers great deals with a variation of price and place. You can simply choose what kind of tour suits your preferences. This is what makes solo travelling attractive for older people. They can go on luxury tours and will likely save more money by taking a package organized by a tour agency. They can discover stunning aerial panoramas of the Buccaneer Archipelago or explore the incredible Katherine Gorge with a private charter.

You have learned what makes senior people develop a great passion for solo travelling. It is time for you to savour the experience too. Do not wait until you turn 60, start as soon as possible and make fond memories to cherish.

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