A Look Into Provincial Parisian Homes


Parisian personal style is mimicked across the globe, and the typical décor of a simple Paris apartment has a similar effect on homes across the world. Noted for simple but beautiful style, eye-catching pieces with fantastic attention to detail and a real connection to the city, we understand why millions of people worldwide attain to achieve traditional Parisian home style.

Perfect symmetry adds grandeur and space to this vast Parisian apartment (thepolohouse.blogspot.com)

High ceilings and huge windows are a classic Parisian feature. Opening the home up to maximum light and warmth during the summer, they also allude to the luxury of a city centre apartment.

Super high ceilings increase the space and level of chic in this stunning home (billionaired.com)
Cream and muted colour palettes allow us to focus on the finer details (thecottagemarket.com)

A recurring colour theme of Parisian homes and specifically city apartments is a simple white or cream colour theme. Using simple colours allow more light into the home and allow the more decorative features and the city outside have a bigger impact on the home’s interior and atmosphere. Balconies, from protruding Maltese to simple Juliet, are popular fixtures that allow Parisian homes to open up to the bustling and stunning city below.

Even a small balcony can give you the space required to feel closer to the outdoors (decoracion.facilisimo.com)

If too much white can make you feel empty or just too plain, add simple Parisian accents of gold or black as simple and effective framing and magnifying tools. Pastel toned flowers also make a luxury but fun addition to the home.

Accents of gold in small doses adds luxury and ornament (designmanifest.com)
Display your bric-a-brac for a really comfortable and ‘lived-in’ Parisian vibe (erikabrechtel.com)

Other key features of a traditional Parisian apartment are ornate and delicate decorative features. Coving and rails are a great way to add some flourishing décor if your furniture doesn’t contribute to this. Decorative pieces such as vases, can also contribute to typical and stunning Parisian style.

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Even small bold accents can look both contemporary and chic at the same time (apartmenttherapy.com)


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