Snuggle Up With Plaid in Your Home

Snuggle Up With Plaid Sofa in Your Home.

Plaid made a bold appearance on the fashion runways for this fall and is gaining a new appreciation in interior design.  This classic pattern is stylish and transcendent, conforming to modern as well as traditional interiors.  Whether your vision of plaid harkens back to Catholic school-girl skirts, Scottish kilts, comfy flannel shirts, or cozy warm blankets at fireside, consider the varied uses of plaid in your design scheme.  Snuggle up with plaid in your home.

A cozy living room with a large painting on the wall, perfect for snuggling up.
Plaid upholstery adds another layer to this rich interior design (blog.laurelandwolf)

In the modern home, plaid can be a surprising addition.  Plaid is perfect for layered design, creating a dimensional aspect to your interiors.  Rugs, wall covering or upholstery in plaid brings classic character to modern spaces.

Snuggle Up With Plaid in Your Bedroom.
Plaid rug gives a touch of coziness to this modern bedroom (
A cozy living room decorated with plaid accents.
Modern interpretation of plaid on walls adds color and interest (kadinlarkulubu)
A kitchen with a blue plaid chair and blue cabinets.
Traditional plaid fabric on a modern sofa (
A modern patio with glass walls.
Plaid fabric takes on modern interior (
3D rendering of a cozy living room with plaid accents.
Plaid wallpaper gives this room a boost of pattern (newhome777)

Plaid is more than just the classic red and green.  It comes in a variety of color patterns and can be a great accent to floral fabrics.

Snuggle up with a plaid sofa in your home.
Fresh colors infuse this plaid fabric (

Use a variety of plaids in a room to add subtle layers.  Keep the tones within the same color family.  Soft plaids create a cozy and inviting space.

Snuggle Up With Plaid and a Fireplace in Your Living Room.
Lavender walls set off the plaid furnishings in this cozy living area (

This sunny plaid upholstery mixes well with the patterned rug, picking up the same colors.  The yellow walls warm and highlight the mix of colors.

A cozy living room with a yellow couch.
Sunny plaid fabric enhances this space (kitchentablecomics)

Upholster the back of accent or dining chairs in plaid to inject pattern and color.

A plaid chair in a dining room.
Crisp plaid fabric gives this space character (megankaneinteriors)
A dining room with a table and chairs set up, perfect for snuggling up with plaid in your home.
A mix of heather gray plaid chairs add character to this dining area (welikedaylight)

Plaid’s classic pattern is a welcome addition to traditional or rustic-inspired spaces.  Curl up fireside in a warm chair or snuggle up to plaid pillows on the sofa.  Place a plaid rug in a study or library for a classic look.  A plaid chair bedside to accent a rug or bed linens lends a cozy touch.

Plaid wallpaper enhances the cozy ambiance in a living room.
Traditional tartan plaid walls give this space sophistication (ideasforinterior)
Snuggle up with plaid in front of a fireplace.
Cozy fireside chair in plaid (Pinterest)
Snuggle Up With Plaid in Your Cosy Living Room.
Curl up with cozy plaid pillows (
An ornate living room with plaid chairs.
Plaid rug enhances this cozy traditional room (kathryngreeleydeesigns)
Snuggle Up With Plaid in Your Red-Walled Bedroom
Plaid bedside chair (myrantblog.BlogSpot)

For a refined and subtle touch of plaid in a room, consider upholstering one chair for a bit of pattern.  Use plaid upholstered chairs around a kitchen table for a charming addition to a country kitchen.  A plaid coverlet gives a distinguished character to a tailored bedroom.

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A cozy living room with blue walls and a plush couch perfect for snuggling up.
Classic wing chair covered in plaid fabric (playground.time.blogspot)
Yellow cabinets in the kitchen add a cozy touch to your home.
Blue plaid chairs are a charming addition to this yellow kitchen (jinez)
Snuggle Up With Plaid Beddings in Your Home.
Bedroom is made cozy with plaid coverlet (holzmaninteriors)

Plaid wallpaper is a stylish option for any room in the home, especially when used above wainscoting.  This creates a classic look that fits well in traditional homes.  Using a subtle plaid pattern in a modern interior can be a unique take on modern eclectic style, contributing to overall visual dimension.  Papering a feature wall in plaid gives definition to a space, which could be ideal for a reading nook.

A cozy room with a wooden floor and a clock on the wall, perfect for snuggling up with plaid.
This office is given distinction with plaid walls (melius-mingle-mangle.blogspot)
A cozy bedroom with a bed and a lamp.
A subtle plaid wallpaper gives this room dimension (lauracaseyinteriors)
A cozy room with a bookcase and a sailboat decorated in blue and white.
Use plaid above molding to add interest to walls (interiorsforfamilies)
A plaid coat rack with cozy coats and umbrellas on it.
Plaid wallpaper enhances this wall treatment (gardenhomeandparty)
A cozy plaid wallpaper brings comfort to your living room décor.
Bright and crisp plaid wallpaper enhances this space (HGTV)

Window treatments in plaid add distinction to a room and play upon other patterns throughout the space.  With the combination of plaid and tailored design, window treatments bring structure and can look very modern.

A chair in a cozy living room.
Plaid window treatments enhance this cozy space (decorpad)
Keywords: red chairs, curtains

Modified Description: A cozy dining room adorned with vibrant red chairs and elegant curtains.
Vibrant red dining chairs offset the plaid curtain panels (HGTV)

There are many ways to use plaid in the home other than the traditional.  A plaid headboard in a lovely color palette or even a lampshade can bring this classic into your space with style.

A bed with a plaid headboard and purple pillows.
Plaid headboard is charming and classic (kidsspacestuff)
A lamp with a plaid shade on top of a dresser for a cozy home.
Small touches of plaid make a large impact (leblancdesign)

Blankets are a significant way to add a touch of plaid to a space for a season.  If you only want to add an accent to your home for the cooler months, a plaid blanket can be the perfect piece.  Draped over a chair, a plaid blanket brings a cozy and welcoming element to the room.

Snuggle Up With Plaid Chair.
A plaid blanket draped over a chair adds warmth for fall (twelvedays)
Snuggle Up with Plaid and Books in Your Home
A plaid blanket adds a layer of charm (kingandkind)

A plaid blanket in the guest bedroom is a nice touch for visitors and brightens up a room for the season.

Snuggle Up With Plaid in Your Cozy Bedroom.
Spruce up a bedroom for fall and winter with a plaid blanket (

Use plaid blankets as tablecloths for fall and winter gatherings.  These add a touch of home-spun charm to the table and create a colorful background for dishes and seasonal décor.

A cozy table adorned with plaid tablecloth and pumpkins.
Use plaid blankets as tablecloths for a fall gathering (primitiveandproper)

Plaid pillows are a quick and simple way to add this charming accent to a room.  Plaid pillows on a weathered leather sofa are the epitome of comfort and classic styling.


Snuggle Up with British Flair in Your Home
Add plaid pillows for an extra layer in fall and winter (newlywoodwards)
Snuggle Up With a Plaid Couch in Your Home.
Classic tartan plaid pillows accent a leather sofa (betweennapsontheporch)

Include an updated plaid in your modern interiors or add classic charm to your traditional space.  It’s time to take another look at a classic and snuggle up with plaid in your home.

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