20 creative ideas for original DIY nightstands

A bed with a hanging shelf and optional nightstands.

The nightstand is one of the most common and used piece of furniture of the bedroom. In every bedroom there is at least one nightstand, although, especially in the master bedrooms, there is a couple of nightstands. Here you are 20  easy, cheap and creative ideas for original DIY nightstands. Enjoy the list!

  1. DIY nightstands suspended from the ceiling: if you are looking for a really gorgeous effect you can opt for one of these original nightstands shaped as little swings. The nightstand will seem floating in the air!
    A wooden tray hanging from a wall in a bedroom with nightstands.
    original DIY nightstand

    A white bedroom with nightstands.
    amazing and original DIY nighstand
  2. Stepladders: Old ladders and stepladders are perfect for creating an original nightstand. You can even paint your ladders to match better the colour and the style of your bedroom
    A bed with a nightstand next to it.
    DIY nightstand made with an old stepladder
    Two pictures of a bed with a ladder and books on nightstands.
    home-made nightstands
    A bed with nightstands and books on it.
    creative DIY nightstand created with an old stepladder

    A bedroom with blue and green walls, a bed, and nightstands.
    funny idea to recycling a stepladder
  3. Suitcases: Vintage suitcases can be easily transformed in a stunning and original nightstand. You can use suitcases with different sizes and colors or you can paint a suitcase for making it perfect for your home decor
    Three suitcases stacked on top of each other on nightstands in a bedroom.
    lovely nightstand made with old and colored suitcases
    A stack of suitcases next to a bed with nightstands in a bedroom.
    old suitcases used as nightstand
    A bedroom with nightstands and a rug on the floor.
    vintage suitcase transformed in a DIY nightstand
    A white suitcase sitting on a nightstand next to a window.
    Lovely DIY nightstand made with an old suitcase

    A blue nightstand with a lamp on it.
    DIY nighstand made with a vintage suitcase
  4. Wine boxes: have you ever thought that empty wine boxes could be transformed in a creative and original piece of furniture?! Take a look at this picture!
    A nightstand with flowers and a lamp.
    DIY nighstand made with old wine boxes

    A wooden crate with a lamp on it, serving as a nightstand.
    old wine boxes used for a creative DIY nightstand
  5. Wooden boxes: old and empty wooden boxes are perfect for home made nightstands

    A living room with a yellow coffee table and a lamp. (No changes made.
    wooden boxes used as funny and original DIY nightstand
  6. Wooden board: even a simple and linear wooden board can be easily transformed in a unique nightstand for your bedroom.

    A bed with a lamp on top of it, accompanied by nightstands.
    a wooden board can be used as an unique DIY nightstand
  7. Cheese boxes: another simple way for creating an original and unique nightstand is by recycling old cheese boxes

    A person is repurposing a wooden crate into a nightstand.
    original DIY nightstand made with recycled cheese boxes
  8. Drawers: An old and empty drawer can be transformed in an adorable DIY nightstand

    A stack of books on a bookcase.
    old drawer used as an original and out of the ordinary nightstand
  9. Shoes boxes: Empty shoes boxes can be used for creating a stylish nightstand . You can choose boxes with the same or with different colors and you can even paint them, in order to match better the style and the decor of the bedroom

    Two nightstands with books and a lamp.
    creative DIY nightstand made with colored shoes boxes
  10. Magazines: Even old magazines are perfect for a creative DIY nightstand

    A stack of magazines on a nightstand next to a bed.
    modern DIY nightstand with recycled magazines
  11. Books: if the reading is your biggest passion, you will definitely love this DIY nightstand made with old books
    A bedroom with a colorful bed and nightstands.
    DIY nightstand made with books

    A stack of books on a table with nightstands.
    Stylish nightstand made with books
  12. Bar carts: if you have an old bar cart that you don’t use anymore…Well, don’t throw it away! As you can see in this picture, it can be transformed in an original and funny nightstand

    A yellow and green bedroom with floral wallpaper featuring nightstands.
    funny and creative nightstand made with an old bar cart
  13. Dolls house: a little dolls house installed on the wall can be used as a perfect and creative nightstand…your daughter will love it!

    A bed with a bird house and nightstands on the wall.
    dolls house used as nightstand
  14. Birds cage: A painted and reused birds cage is ideal for creating a romantic and “suspended” nightstand

    A white bird cage with a cover on it.
    birds cage transformed in an original nightstand
  15. Wooden logs: the wooden logs are perfect for DIY nightstands. You can even paint them and decorate them at your pleasure
    Birch nightstand.
    amazing DIY nightstand made with a wooden log

    A coffee table with studs and a vase of flowers.
    Stylish DIY nightstand made with a wooden log
  16. Straw: for those who love the home-made furnitures, these funny nightstands, made with straw, are the perfect choice!

    A group of baskets with different colored ribbons on them.
    creative and unusual DIY nightstands
  17. Fruits boxes: Another creative and original way to make a DIY nightstand is by using the old and empty fruits boxes. You can paint them with the white painting for a shabby chic effect!
    A bed with white sheets and a black blanket, accompanied by nightstands.
    lovely DIY nightstands made with fruits boxes
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    old fruit box used as nightstand
    A wooden nightstand.
    recycled fruits box used as nightstand

    A wooden crate with books and glasses on nightstands.
    unique DIY nightstand done with a recycled fruit box
  18. Concrete blocks: maybe it may seem strange but even recycled concrete blocks can be used for making an original nightstand

    A concrete bedside table.
    Unusual nightstand made with concrete blocks
  19. Dust bin: have you an useless and old dust bin and you don’t know what to do with it? Great! you can make a creative nightstand with it!

    A white bedroom with a bed and nightstands.
    creative way for recycling an unused dust bin
  20. Trunk: An antique trunk can be utilized as a perfect nightstand

    Two pictures of a bedroom with a bed and nightstands.
    old trunk used as nightstand

And you, which of these original and creative ideas prefer? As you can see, you can easily create a DIY nightstand: all that you need is your imagination!

A collage of pictures of nightstands and bookshelves.
original ideas for DIY nightstands
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