Free-spirited Bohemian Interior Design

A room with a bohemian interior design and a chandelier.

Bohemian decorating style is carefree, relaxed and free-spirited. It allows you to mix color and pattern with vintage pieces for a warm and whimsical space.  Bohemian style exudes warmth and embraces the wandering spirit for a worldly look that is chic and adventurous.

A vibrant living room adorned with an array of wall art, embodying a free-spirited bohemian interior design.
Photo, Interiors by Studio M
A free-spirited living room with colorful pillows and a wooden table.
Photo, Luxury Bohemian

Furnishings for a truly bohemian look should be vintage pieces found at antique stores, yard sales and flea markets. Use older pieces and paint them or leave them with their original patina.  Scarves, shawls and even small rugs can be used to cover pieces and add more bohemian charm.

A bohemian living room with free-spirited colorful walls and furniture.

A free-spirited bohemian room with a colorful chair.
Photo, Decor4all

Victorian settees and sofas blend well with the bohemian style. The lavish velvets, intricate woodwork and curves of Victorian furniture blend well to the bold and colorful bohemian space.

A colorful birdcage adds a bohemian touch to the free-spirited interior design.

A free-spirited bedroom with a colorful bed and pillows.
Photo, Interior Idea

Accent with accessories that look as if you’ve traveled the world, such as colorful mosaic lanterns and gem-colored perfume bottles. Textiles such as intricately patterned and colorful pillows and throws embellished with fringe add softness and splashes of more color.

A bohemian living room with a fireplace.

Hang tapestries and colorful Persian rugs on the walls to envelope the space and provide a warm background.

A group of colorful lanterns hanging on a vibrant red wall in a free-spirited bohemian interior design setting.

Combine Moroccan style lighting to illuminate the space with colorful prisms of light and intricate patterns. Colorful crystal chandeliers infuse the space with glamour and interest.

A free-spirited ottoman with a floral pattern, perfect for bohemian interior design.
Photo, Joss and Main
A bohemian pillow with embroidered purple designs.
Photo, Joss and Main

Bohemian decorating style has no set rules. Use what you have and accent with pieces you love from flea markets and antique stores.  If that is not possible or you prefer new items, retailers are currently featuring bohemian style furniture and accessories.  Surround yourself with the warmth, color and whimsy of this relaxed and free-spirited style.

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